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Robertson-Hintz-Pavelski line

The Robertson-Hintz-Pavelski trio gives Dallas fans much hope for a successful spring. The line breaks out to first place in the league. The American-Finnish Dallas combination is the only one in the league that has scored more than 30 goals in equal compositions (32, 24 in second place), and one of the main reasons that the…

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First Croatian in the NHL

The hockey world is much bigger than you imagined. Although the world's most famous league, the NHL, includes American and Canadian athletes, it has players from the most unexpected and obscure countries. Croatia made its contribution to the world of high-class hockey too. Borna Rendulić is a true hockey star. He became the first-born Croatian in…

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Who is Rick Nash?

He spent 15 years in the NHL, set every record of this squad, and won 2 Olympic gold medals. He was a top athlete in the NHL Draft, and became the first big name in Columbus’s history. Then he fled Ohio in the hope of obtaining the Stanley Cup, but he arrived only at the Cup…

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About Jimmy Vesey

Hockey is the most popular sport in North America and Central and Western Europe. The most prestigious hockey league is the NHL, in which the best teams from the USA and Canada play. Spectators are attracted by the entertainment and high performance of fights, and power moves and fighting on the ice only fuel the…

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How Juuse Saros annoyed Carolina?

Unbelievable but true - Carolina (NHL), under an identical scenario, suffered a second defeat in a row. The curse of the "hurricanes" was Juuse Saros. One of the most outstanding games of the day of the regular season of the National Hockey League took place in the Carolinas, where the local Hurricanes took on the Nashville…

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