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We recently caught up with Anton Karlsson of Frolunda HC! He has also represented Team Sweden many times, in the U16, U17, U18; captaining both the U17 and U18 squad. Our friends over at ISS Hockey have him projected to be drafted fifth overall in the upcoming NHL Draft. Here’s what they had to say about Anton: Anton
Here’s an interesting little fact for you. He’s already been drafted! Lokomotiv Yaroslavl drafted Anton in the 5th Round (164th Overall). But how committed is he to winning a Stanley Cup? Read the interview and you’ll find out. Like interesting facts? Here’s another one! His brother is Erik Karlsson! Not the one on the Senators, but the one drafted in the 4th Round to the Carolina Hurricanes last year! Interesting eh? See, I don’t dissapoint! You can learn more about Anton by following him on Twitter here: and you can follow me on Twitter here:! If you like our stuff make sure to pass it along to your friends. It really helps out the site! Liking us on Facebook helps too, so don’t be afraid to like us! You can like us here:

Without further to do, here is our interview with Anton Karlsson!
As per usual, we are in bold.

How has your day been?
My day has been really good so far.
What is game day like? Do you follow a special schedule or anything?
Morning practice, rest and prepare for game. No I don’t, maybe sleep an hour before game time.
What kind of player do you consider yourself?
I am a player who loves to take the puck to the net and make the other team to lose their focus on the game. I use my shot a lot to find the net, and I am also a playmaker.
Are you excited for the upcoming season?
Yes of course I am excited for this season; this season will be great I think!
Is there extra pressure knowing this is your draft year?
No I don’t feel that is pressure because I will play my game and then the scouts will see if they want me or not.

You are listed at both LW and RW. Is there one you prefer to play?
I can play both of them but if you want me to choose I go RW!

What is the best part about playing for Frolunda?
All the buddies on my team, we have lots of fun and everyone always takes the game like its war!

You captained Sweden many times internationally in two U17 tournaments and the 2013-2014 U18 Tournaments. Are you nervous every time putting on the C, or are you used to it?
No I am not; it is something that makes you stronger so I’m used to have the C on my jersey!


The next part is more personal questions. There are no wrong answers!
Would you rather have a Stanley Cup ring or an Olympic Gold Medal?
It is a difficult question, but I choose the Stanley Cup ring!

What was your favourite team growing up?
It was the Toronto Maple Leafs because Mats Sundin played there.

How about your favourite player?
Evgeni Malkin.

Who’s a better player? You or Erik?
I can’t answer on that question.

What is on your iPod?
Many types of different music.

Favourite Food?

Final questions: Who should we interview next?
William Lagesson, Frolunda HC

Tack för din tid. Ha en bra säsong och vi önskar er lycka till. (Thanks for your time. Have a great season and we wish you luck)

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