The Curious Case of The Gumbley and The Clarke

The mystery of the CHLPA has just gone from weird, to just plain confusing. The CHLPA was formed a while back with former Georges Laraque being the executive director of the group. However, as you might have known, there was the mystery of spokesperson Derek Clarke. He is widely believed to be convicted hockey coach Randy Gumbley. Why would a convicted fraudster who stole $100,000 from junior hockey players want to join the CHLPA? But wait, he’s not the only Gumbley working for the CHLPA? Apparently there’s a Glenn Gumbley involved in this as well. He’s not a convicted fraudster or anything, but he’s can be convinced by his brother no? This isn’t the weirdest part yet. Yahoo Sports said that they had a consultant who worked with the CHLPA say that the phone number that he was given for Derek Clarke is the same as the phone number given for Glen Clarke. And a CHLPA recruiting presentation obtained by TVA Sports reports that Randy Gumbley’s name was on there. Also, it seems like this Clarke figure along with George Laraque have both step down from the respective posts. This is just getting weird. Who is Derek Clarke? Why are the Gumbleys’ involvement? COMMENT BELOW!