NHL Playoff Predictions. Round 2. The Semi-Finals!

Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, just want to say sorry for that! I have a Montreal Canadiens post season blog coming up in the next few days that I cannot wait to share with you guys but for now i’d like to share with you all my predictions for the 2nd Round of Playoffs so here it goes!

We will start in the Eastern Conference with the Pens & Sens! This will be a interesting series because of the controversy surrounding Matt Cooke and Erik Karlsson earlier in the season. I pick Pittsburgh in 5 games. Craig Anderson is good but he cannot beat the Pens by himself.

Bruins & Rangers: This will be a good physical original six series. I have to pick Boston in 7, this is going to be a close series though.

In the West, let’s start with the Blackhawks & Wings. This will be the second original six series in the second round of these playoffs. Can Detroit stop Chicago? I don’t think so! Chicago in 6!

Sharks & Kings. This is probably the most difficult series for me to call, i really think the winner of this series wins the cup this year, its just a gut feeling. Is this the year the Sharks finally make it to the finals? Will the Kings repeat as Stanley Cup champions? So many questions to be answered but I have to go with LA in 7.

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We’re #1!!!

So the NHL season is officially at its halfway point and the Montreal canadiens are sitting on top of the eastern conference! Yes you read that correctly. If you had came up to me before the season had started and said Montreal would be leading the conference at the seasons half way point i probably would have laughed in your face. Here are 5 reasons why Montreal are currently number 1.

5. Andre Markov. Ladies and Gentlemen he is back. There were many questions about Markov before the season started but he has proved so far he is still the same old markov who is a former NHL all star and 64 pt producer.

4. The gallys. Alex Galchenyuk And Brendan Gallagher earned there  spot with the habs and for good reason. These two youngsters have proven there ready for the big leagues and we can only imagine what they will bring to the canadiens for many years to come.

3. Carey Price. Time and time again Carey has been himself this season…amazing. There is usually one thing that seperates good teams from great teams and that is great goaltending and carey has yet to dissapoint this season. He is the backbone of this team.

2. In prust we trust. Brandon Prust is provong that montreal needed to add a little toughness to be more competitive. The current PIM leader is quickly becoming a fan favorite for his hard nose style play, he has even seen some mins on the PP and on the top line.

1. New management. There has been nothing that has changed the habs this quite like new GM Marc Bergevin or the second coming of a matured Michel Therrien. They have quickly made everyone forgot about last years train wreck and have brough a winning attitude back to the canadiens.

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Only time will tell if Montreal can keep up and clinch a playoff spot, there is still some hockey to be played, until next time take care and hope I you enjoy reading my hockey blog 😀

Raise the torch!

Wow, nobody was expecting the Montreal Canadiens to start the season 4-1-0…at least i wasn’t anyway. This shortened season could prove to be rather a strange one but i sometimes need to remind myself were only 5 games into this 48 game season. Its been quite the wild couple of weeks here in habs land with the Gomez buyout, the P.K Subban contract dispute and Max Pacioretty gone for about a month, alot of distractions to begin a short season! A few surprises and young stars in the making have made these first few games exciting to be a habs fan. First of all lets give Andre Markov a round of applause! WOW! Did anyone predict he would be playing as well as he has been lately? 4 goals and 3 assists in 5 games tied for the team lead in points along side red hot Rapheal Diaz and his 7 assists. He is one of the main reasons Montreal is winning hockey games and helping to resurrect there power play, which was horrible;e last season a big reason the habs were dead last in the eastern conference. Markov isn’t the only hab turning heads so far in this young season, a pair of rookies are also giving us a reason to be excited for the future. Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher have been impressive as well. Galchenyuk has 1 goal and 4 assists in his first 5 NHL games and Gallagher has 2 goals and 2 assists in his first 4 NHL games. These two rookies have been playing great along side Brandon Prust. Personally i think they have been one of Montreal’s top two lines so far this season. My 3 stars for the first five games so far this season would be Andre Markov, Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher. Ill be back next week to review the habs season after a few more games.


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The drive for 25

This optimistic habs fan is starting to see a glass half empty when it comes to cba negotiations, a real slap to the face of any die hard or casual NHL fan! Round of applause for Gary Bettman everyone!!! Now that i have that out of my system there is a lot to smile about when you start naming off young prospects for Montreal. Do the names Nathan Beaulieu, Louis Leblanc, Jarred Tinordi, Brendan Gallagher or Micheal Bornival ring a bell? If not wait a couple of years and they will be familiar faces in the habs lineup for years to come. Even after all the prospects i just mentioned there is one more name that is sure to bring joy to fans of the blue, blanc et rouge. Alex Galchenyuk! 3rd overall pick in the 2012 NHL draft. He has potential to be a true star in the NHL something the Canadiens havent had in a while and a legit #1 Center. There were some questions being asked about the condition of Galchenyuk since he missed almost all of last season with a knee injury. Those questions are a thing of the past, in just 22 games so far this season he has already racked up 35 points (13 goals and 22 assists) with the Sarnia sting of the OHL. All these names look good on paper but there’s only one way to find out if Galchenyuk and other habs prospects will turn the Canadiens from 15th place in the east to legitimate contenders for years to come…are you listening Gary Bettman? END THE LOCKOUT!!! This is something even a leafs fan will agree with and i don’t  agree with them too often.I will even say it again! END THE LOCKOUT!!!! Until then the drive for cup number 25 is temporarily on hold…

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Introduction from a optimistic habs fan

Hey readers! I’m @Synyster_sparx aka Matt. I’ll be the guy complaining/whining/celebrating and cheering the Montreal Canadiens once the season is underway….thats right i said ”once the season is underway” i am very optimistic a deal can be reached by the NHL and the NHLPA. This way us fans can have something more interesting to talk about than collective bargaining! On the bright side its times like this where you can smile and realize your team is tied for first in the NHL and your favorite player is winning the scoring race. Soon we can all sit back and enjoy NHL hockey! I think all of us habs fans will be in for a treat this season but thats just my opinion. Remember you can follow me on twitter @Synyster_sparx id love to hear your critisism and positive feed back 😉 and dont forget to ”like” the facebook page as well http://www.facebook.com/NotYourAverageHockeyBlog and last but not least tell your freinds!

Talk to all of you soon!