Trade Analysis – Wild vs. Rangers

The trade earlier in the day between the New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild that saw Mike Rupp being exchanged for Darroll Powe and Nick Palmieri was really a trade that you see near trade deadline time – a playoff bound team acquires a veteran from a basement dwelling one in order to add depth and experience to their roster for a deep playoff run. Obviously, it is too early to start preparing for the playoffs and the Rangers are definitely not a bottom conference team. But who’s to say that the Wild don’t have the eventual playoffs push that they will endure at the end of the season in the back of their mind? As I said, it is too early for that, but it is a possibility as too why this trade was done. The more likely explanation – the Wild need for more grit, and protection for some of their big scoring guns, such as Mikael Granlund, or Miiko Koivu, which is something that Rupp can supply immediately to the lineup. For Powe, it is unlikely that he would get much playing time on a Rangers team that is already deep with grinding forwards, but maybe the hard working motto of New York is just what he needs. Meanwhile, Palmieri is having a pretty decent year in the AHL, with 21 points in 40 games for Houston, and could be the “sleeper” in the trade. Most people think of added minors players to trades, useless, but you never know what can happen in those cases. Regardless, Rupp’s immediate readiness gives the Wild my edge in this trade.

First Post

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