People Like Don Cherry Are Why The NHL Lacks Popularity Compared To The Big 4 Leagues.

Don Cherry isn’t a fan of the Hurricanes celebrating post game. Yesterday on Coach’s Corner, he blasted the hurricanes about the celebrations stating ” There guys, to me, are jerks ” followed by ” They better not do this in the playoffs….This is a joke. ”

It’s not just Don Cherry. Many senior executives in the league and senior media have ripped the Hurricanes for their post win celebrations. The same media that if the Hurricanes had an arena with only 8,000 fans would rip the city for not deserving a team and to relocate. The celebrations keep fans staying in their seats post game, give the fans a chance to interact and join the team in celebrating a victory.

Earlier this season, Brian Burke went on record to rip the Hurricanes too, calling the celebrations ” Pee wee garbage stuff ” followed by saying ” I don’t think it belongs in our league. ”  The grandpa’s in the NHL definitely need to step away when it comes to PR in the game and it’s something that definitely hurts the NHL when it comes to popularity compared to other leagues.

Another person in the league that has a lot of outdated dumb rules, Lou Lamoriello. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Lamoriello and his resume speaks for itself, but he’s a very boring leader. He doesn’t like his players wearing numbers over 30. He doesn’t like his players having beards. Why? he sees it as flashy. Kyle Dubas took over the general manager duties for the leafs and encouraged his team to grow out their beards and show their personality. Soon after Lamoriello resigned, Matthews was posing for GQ, and it makes me wonder if that would have happened sooner had Lamoriello not been GM.

Lamoriello took over for the Islanders and John Tavares left on July 1st, a little over a month after Lamoriello’s hiring. Did Lamiorello tell Tavares he couldn’t wear number 91 anymore? Or that he couldn’t keep a stubble? I mean, he did make Barzal go see a barber after he got hired. However, with all that being said and him not wanting the team to have much fun, it’s worked for the Islanders as they sit 1st in their division and 2nd in the Eastern Conference just behind Tampa Bay.

Basically, All I want to get across is old people around the league don’t like it when the young guys have fun. Ovechkin celebrating his goals, the way the Capitals celebrated their Stanley Cup victory, Evander Kane having fun in Vegas or even that blown out of proportion media scramble about Kane’s tracksuit in Winnipeg. The league needs faces that have personality and charisma in order to gain popularity to the level that the NBA and NFL has. In the 80’s, Gretzky, the face of the league for 2 decades, was on cereal boxes, TV shows, late night talk shows. He was vocal, engaged with fans and was recognized by even non hockey fans. Crosby and McDavid need to get out there and show some energy, show some character. We have it all, fast speed, fighting, flashy dangles, the league just needs to do a better job getting it showcased on social media, and that starts with its star players. It’s doing just fine in Canada, But the U.S. can use some work.


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