CHL Top Prospect Game Notes: Svechnikov Outshone In Top Event Once Again

The two most important mid year prospect events are the World Junior Championships and the CHL Top Prospects Game. #2 prospect Andrei Svechnikov has now underwhelmed in both. He wasn’t at his best at the WJHC while playing limited minutes, and he was outshone by top prospect Rasmus Dahlin in what was likely his last chance to try to close the gap between him and #1. And now, at the CHL Top Prospects game, he was outshone by #3 prospect Filip Zadina, who scored twice. Luckily for him, one game won’t cost him the second spot in the draft, but he needs to be at the top of his game from here on out. Like at the WJHC, Svechnikov wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t call his play good either. For the most part, he was a non-impact. He had no points and just one shot. No bad plays, but no good ones either.That’s one thing I noticed during the game. Here are some others.Aidan Dudas played a fantastic game, scoring twice. The first one was on a breakaway, off of a pass from Evan Bouchard and a favourable bounce. He used his blazing speed to seperate himself from the defender. He’s very fast, I didn’t really notice it as much in my other viewings him, but it was obvious tonight. He can really wheel. He scored his other goal on a nice shot following a nifty toe drag, showcases good hands and a good shot to go along with that speed. He has great tools, and could fight his way into the first round by June.Ty Dellandrea was the other underrated player that stood out, setting a record with 2 goals in 20 seconds. He really showed off his versatility, going from one nice goal to a tip in one. He isn’t afraid to go to the net. He’s regarded as a defensive centre, but he showed off his offensive talent today.Rasmus Sandin stood out as well, showing off his skills in the offensive zone. He made hard D to D passes, and walked the line a few times, looking for lanes to get his shot through. He was good defensively as well, and was a great compliment to Evan Bouchard’s game. Bouchard was fantastic as well, by far the best defenseman in the game. He moved the puck up ice well, and took a lot of shots. He had 4 assists, tying the record. He’s definitely a top 10 pick at this point, and could work his way into the top 5 by the end of the year if he continues his incredible play.The two other players that really impressed me were Serron Noel and Kevin Bahl. Noel has really impressive speed and hands for a 6’5 guy. He’s gonna be a great 2nd round pick. Bahl is typically regarded as a shutdown defender, a role that he is very good at, but he also showed some offensive potential with 2 points. He can be pretty good offensively when he jumps up on the rush. That’s how he scored his goal.Those players impressed me, but there were a few guys that didn’t. Ty Smith had a tough night, he made some poor decisions, including one where he shot the puck off of Filip Zadina, giving Zadina a semi-breakaway. Smith was able to use his speed to recover, but he never should have taken that shot. A few of his passes were soft and up the middle of the ice, and one of them was intercepted and turned into a good chance. A rough night for him, but he should be able to rebound and keep it from hurting his draft stock. Alexis Gravel’s play didn’t impress me either. He gave up 4 goals in a short period of time, and while some of that is on his team, his positioning didn’t look particularly good either. He needs to be better.My three stars on the night? Aidan Dudas, Filip Zadina and Evan Bouchard. A lot of guys played very well, and it will be interesting to see how this game affects their draft stock.


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