Hockey Is NOT Fighting Cancer Thanks To A Corrupt Health Care Industry

November is being officially proclaimed by the NHL as “Hockey Fights Cancer” month in which the league joins in an all out battle to find a cure(s) for the second worst killer in North America and maybe around the world. (Number one is coronary heart disease [heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, blocked passageways, etc.], more on that later.) The NHL is certainly going all out on its website in its news section to show it is doing its utmost to fight this terrible disease. There are stories about what individual teams are doing (Washington, Edmonton). There is the story of ex-referee Kerry Fraser who is currently fighting cancer. And the league got its most recent celebrated survivor, Nicholle Anderson, wife of Ottawa Senators goaltender, Craig Anderson to write articles about her cancer experience.

I’d be commending these heart-warming stories of hope except I found out through personal experience, the hard way, what is really happening in the health care industry. Before going on I want to tell my readers that I have written several articles on this blog and others that tell about what happened to me and others including how the corrupt health industry is partially responsible for the unnecessary retirement of one player (Pascal Dupuis), how it significantly affected the 2016 NHL playoffs, and how even hockey legend Gordie Howe might still be alive.

As briefly as possible to recap, ten years ago I developed coronary heart disease and after numerous standard tests, I was diagnosed with a blockage of unknown size in an unknown location near my heart. I was scheduled for an angiogram (a procedure where a tube is inserted in an artery or vein to locate plaque blockages in the circulatory system) and given a box of nitroglycerin in case the worst occurred. Fortunately I lived in the age of the Internet (a major reason why I am still alive) and was able to locate websites that sold products that claimed they could remove heart plaque without an operation. No doctor recommended them but it sounded to me like a cure for coronary heart disease. Briefly, after spending over a month doing research I tried one and it worked. When I had my angiogram, nothing could be found. I had beat coronary heart disease without the usual operations of either a bypass or a stent. All along there had been a cure.

I won’t explain how this remedy worked (you can read about it in an earlier article on this blog) but I will recap about the opposition I faced and its official status. I got no support whatsoever from any medical practitioner. The official status of this remedy is that it is classified as “alternative medicine” which can range from remedies like the one I took that can cure or at least partially successfully treat a disease, to Shiatsu massage, even prayer. And if you want to consider trying an “alternative medicine”, you are on your own. You have to have lots of courage because you will probably be opposed by “official medicine”, including the use of scare tactics by nearly all “official” health care professionals, probably including your own doctor.

“We’re not responsible for what happens,” is a typical line that is given, not only by doctors, but also by pharmacists, the government (Health Canada, FDA, etc.), and even (in my case) charity research organizations like the Ontario Heart Association, American Heart Association, etc. In this day and age, the doctor is almost a god-like, infallible figure and people are not encouraged to trust themselves about their own health, but trust a “professional” trained person. Now I am not advocating all out rebellion against established medical practitioners, but some kind of balance has to take place. When I was doing research about the remedy that would cure me, I was subjected to all kinds of scare tactics/hatred on the Internet. The most prominent advocate of the type of medicine that would cure me was no wild-eye, maverick, Doctor Frankenstein, but respected double-Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. Typical of the hatred I found I was up against were several websites set up just to denounce Linus Pauling for advocating this type of medicine. I had to fly in the face of all these scare tactics and denunciations to find the courage to try it.

So why is the cure of the worst killer in North America not recognized by official medicine? Sadly too many people are making too much money from death and suffering. In my case these groups include anybody in the death industry (funeral homes, cemeteries etc.); anybody who makes low cholesterol products (plaque is partially made up of cholesterol; the remedy removes all the cholesterol and converts it into urine); heart surgeons whose most common surgery is the bypass and the stent (the bulk of their business would disappear overnight); and most prominently, the pharmaceutical companies. When a person has heart surgery, they take on average 12 drugs a day sometimes rising to even 30. In the United States alone, coronary heart disease patients spend $75 billion a year on heart surgery drugs. If the remedy I took was officially recognized, 30 unnecessary drugs and $75 billion in profits would disappear – right on the spot.

There are probably many ways in which legitimate cures can be blocked but the worst one I discovered during my research was the clinical trial system. This was set up to prevent “bad medicine” from reaching the public (the good). What I discovered and few people know about, was that it can also be used to prevent legitimate cures from reaching the public (the bad). And opponents of potential cures, who could lose big potential profits can be extremely ruthless. The remedy I took was actually in a clinical trial (I won’t go into details. I’ve written about this more fully in other articles) which I consider a farce and was rigged to cause the murder of two autistic young boys in order to discredit it. The opponents got what they were looking for. The remedy that saved my life got classified as “alternative medicine”. I still believe in it. Two friends of mine in Europe where I now live tried it. They have no more chest pains. They’re still alive.

Incredibly lightning would strike twice in my life about “incurable” diseases. Earlier this year, for the first time in my life, I had an attack of gallstones. I was in severe pain for ten hours, vomited many times and was taken to a hospital where I had x-rays, was prescribed medicine, etc. While I was lying on a stretcher, my wife went out to buy herself some mint candies and offered me one when she came back. I sucked on it slowly, and within five minutes it was obvious that the pain of the gallstones was going away – thanks to the mint candy. I sucked a few more and I was able to stand up and go home. Sure enough when I immediately did research on the Internet, I found websites advocating mint as a possible treatment for gallstones. Later in the year, I had a second attack of gallstones. This time there would be no panic, no vomiting, no call for an ambulance, no trip to a hospital. I merely reached into my bag of mint candies which I had carefully preserved in case such an attack occurred again and calmly sucked on one. By the time I had sucked six of them, the gallstones were gone – without a prescription, without a doctor, without any contact with any health care professional or system. That’s two “incurable” diseases I beat without any official medical help. Not once. TWICE. But neither the remedy nor the mint candy is recognized as a cure by either the FDA, Health Canada, nor any other official government health body in the world.

I’ve also heard that Shiatsu Massage can cure allergies, including hay fever. I worked in a Shiatsu school for a while in Toronto and the principal claimed he became a Shiatsu massager because he had chronic hay fever for most of his life and after undergoing Shiatsu treatments, he never had another attack again. They have even published a book claiming that Shiatsu can cure allergies. I can’t vouch for that, but given what I’ve discovered about other diseases, it is probable that what he claims is valid. There’s probably a lot more unofficial cures that I don’t know about. For now Shiatsu Massage is also classified by the FDA and Health Canada as an “alternative medicine”.

Which brings this article finally back to the NHL and its attack on cancer. Fortunately I’ve never had the disease but I was up close to it twice. First my mother, who was a smoker got lung cancer in 1987. They removed the spot in her lung, about the size of a quarter but unknown to anyone, some of it had broken off and migrated to another part of her body where it continued to grow. By the time she had her second operation, it was too late to save her. Now there was nothing suspicious about what happened but there were a lot of highly questionable things. First, why no further scans were able to find the new cancer until it was too late. And the conduct of the doctors and nurses could be questioned too. Both of us were prepared to face up to the truth but we were both only informed about it, three weeks before she died. And in my case, no doctor or nurse ever told me what was going on. I was told to phone a social worker. I found out that my mother was going to die by a member of the “bereavement squad” over the telephone. I never did meet the doctors and nurses who were calling the shots. So much for trusting official medicine instead of trusting yourself.

The other case where I got to see the effects of cancer involved my next door neighbor, one of Canada’s most famous television journalists, Wendy Mesley of the CBC. She got diagnosed with breast cancer and fortunately survived. But it was not a happy experience. When I would talk to her husband, I was given to understand that her recovery, if plotted on a graph was not like a smooth bell curve. Instead it was like sharp zigzags – a good hopeful day, followed by relapses. Nobody knew from day to day what would happen. All you could do was hope for the best. The experience left Wendy disillusioned and bitter. She felt she should have had better treatment. There was even a television special in which she expressed her bitterness that the treatment of cancer should be further advanced after all the years and money invested in it.

So are there any other more effective cancer treatments to be found for cancer in “alternative medicine”? I don’t know but given what I have experienced, it would not surprise me if there were. There are probably powerful interest groups who are making money from cancer and want it to keep going, just like there are about coronary heart disease, gallstones and allergies. There may be more effective cancer treatments that were rejected by the clinical trial system which official medicine will warn people not to try.

What is particularly galling is that nobody questions what is going on. When you question anything about official medical research you get the same attitude as you get if you choose to try “alternative medicine”; you don’t question or disobey the clinical trial people, the health charity organizations, the FDA and Health Canada any more than you disobey your own doctor. It is assumed that they all know what they are doing and they are not to be doubted. What is really sickening, is going on the Internet and reading a “good news” story about some little kid donating the entire contents of their piggy bank “to find a cure”. And there will be some smiling official medical professional proudly patting him/her on the head saying that one day there will be, but neglecting to say that this wonderful day will probably be a long time coming, maybe never.

I should know. I go through it every day. I got rid of coronary heart disease ten years ago but it left me with a second serious, incurable problem, heart failure, which is damage to the heart itself. This occurred because the amount of plaque near my heart had strained the heart muscles of my left ventricle and impaired its ability to pump blood. Stem cells improved my condition but did not cure it. But nearly a decade ago, a doctor in Boston conducting animal experiments was able regrow heart tissue, then thought impossible. Since then this procedure has been subjected to the clinical trial system, but after nearly a decade, there is still no word about when such treatments can be used by the general public. The same is true for many other “breakthrough” medical discoveries. You are told about the excitement of the doctors, the dazzling possibilities… and then nothing. No date or place is given when these new treatments will be available so there is no real hope. Despite all the proclaimed “breakthroughs”, there are no new treatments that actually cure diseases. Just coping drugs that cost more and more. And nobody questions it.

More typical was the type of corruption I found recently on the Internet when I was vainly looking for some new promising treatment I could get for heart failure. A website stated that the FDA had just approved two new drugs for heart failure, one of which opened up the passageways around the heart. It sounded a lot like the stuff I took to get rid of the plaque nearly a decade ago except it was not as good because it only got rid of a bit of it around the heart area, whereas the remedy I took got rid of plaque throughout my entire body, protecting me not only from a heart attack, but strokes in the brain and blood clots too. The website also said that these two new drugs would cost $4500 a year. Funny enough I paid $181 including shipping for a remedy that brought me instant relief within 16 hours and can be fully completed in six weeks. And if I feel the plaque coming back, it costs me $50 plus shipping to get a new phial to do the job, and which will only take one or two doses to get rid of any new buildup. Glad to know that the FDA is helping people to get better at such a cheap price.

I have had heart failure for ten years. On the Internet, it says that the average person who has heart failure only lives five years after they get diagnosed. So I must be doing some things right to have doubled my life expectancy. But if I were to go into an official medical establishment like a hospital or clinic and try to get their medical practitioners to try some of the things I’ve done to cope with heart failure, I would be ridiculed and denounced. I would be told I would not know what I was talking about. So much for being open minded about new discoveries.

Meanwhile the NHL pats itself on the back for its attempts to find a cure for cancer. All I can say is good luck. Naively they raise the money and do good deeds, just like the little kid who donates all the coins in his piggy bank. But there won’t be a cure for cancer or any other major disease until the health care industry and the clinical trial system are closely scrutinized and overhauled. When that is done, then maybe there will be reason for hope.


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