2018 NHL Draft: 10 Players To Watch

The 2018 NHL Draft will be a deep one, and is full of impact talent, especially on the blue line.  More than 15 defencemen could hear their names called in the first round at the 2018 draft, compared to 8 in both 2016 and 2015, and just 5 in 2014, which saw a defenceman, Aaron Ekblad go 1st overall.

The consensus top 2 draft eligible prospects are Rasmus Dahlin, a two way defenceman, and Andrei Svechnikov, a big power winger.  After those two, it’s quite close when it comes to the 3rd overall pick, with at least 5 overall picks with a fair chance at being selected there.  All that being said, it’s still very early, and things will change a lot.  At this point last year, Timothy Liljegren was projected to go top 5 at the 2017 draft.  He ended up being selected 17th overall to the Leafs, after mono kept him out for the majority of his draft year.  A prospect’s draft year is what will ultimately decide his final draft decision.  A good draft year can lead to a dramatic rise in draft rankings, while a poor draft year can lead to a large drop.  These 10 players will hope for a good 2017-18 season as they fight to go as high as possible in the draft.

    1. Rasmus Dahlin

LD, 6’2, 181 lbs

Dahlin, who is projected to go 1st overall, is a two way defenceman with enormous offensive upside.  A fantastic skater, Dahlin has drawn comparisons to Erik Karlsson.  Dahlin uses his exceptional vision and passing skill to make plays and move the puck up ice.  He can singlehandedly create opportunities, using his skating and hands to get past defenders.  Doesn’t have a cannon, but is shot is hard and accurate.  Great hitter, punishes forwards in open ice.  He’s pretty good in his own end, he will improve in the corners and in front of the net as he gets bigger.  Needs to make the simpler play more often, as he often makes very risky plays that will not work in the NHL, but he has shown coachability, so I have no doubts that he will address that.  A generational talent, looks like a future Norris winner.

    2. Andrei Svechnikov

LHD RW, 6’2, 187 lbs

Svechnikov is a big skilled power forward. He primarily creates opportunities by driving to the net, where he uses his hands to finish. A natural scorer, Svechnikov skates well and has a good shot. His combination of skills will likely lead to extreme NHL success.  Svechnikov will look to add on to a wildly successful USHL season with an equally good year in the OHL.

    3. Adam Boqvist

RD, 5’11, 170 lbs

Adam Boqvist is a highly skilled offensive defenceman. He skates well and has good vision and passing. He scores a lot of goals from the top of the circle after walking in from the blue line. Boqvist is active in the offensive zone, he’s always moving around trying to get open to unleash his shot. The majority of his points come from his shooting and passing, which stands out in a draft class full of dangling defencemen. His style of play should translate well to the NHL.

    4. Filip Zadina

RHD LW, 6’0, 170 lbs

A scorer-playmaker combo, Zadina does a lot of things well. He skates well, has nice hands and a hard, accurate shot. Nice vision, makes good decisions while under pressure. Great passer, passes are hard and on the tape. Overall he’s a great player with no real flaws.  He and Svechnikov are on another level compared to the other forwards in this draft. Really talented player, could be a surprise #1 on draft day.

    5. Quinn Hughes

LD, 5’11, 170 lbs

Quinn Hughes is a two way defenceman that can rush the puck very well. Good skater, he’s fast and good on his edges. Pass first mentality, doesn’t really take a lot of shots, likely because his shot isn’t too good. Slapshot is below average, low power on it. Wrist shot is okay. Can make some nice passes. Good on both sides of the puck. Safe with the puck, doesn’t make high risk plays but still generates offence at a high rate. Impressive player.

    6. Ryan Merkley

RD, 5’11, 179 lbs

An offensive defenceman capable of putting up a lot of points. Good skater, nice shot. Smart player, very patient, waits for space to open up. Good hands, has scored some highlight reel, end to end goals. Good PP QB. Most impressive part of his game for me is his vision, he always knows where everybody is on the ice. Good at disguising his passes. Has struggled with turnovers, largely due to poor decision making. Sometimes takes poor penalties when frustrated. Defence is an issue, needs to improve there. Struggles with consistency. Some concern about how well his game will translate to the NHL, as his end to end attempts won’t work as often in the NHL. Will likely become more of a playmaker, utilizing his vision. A talented player, Merkley has the offensive skill to go high in the draft, but he’ll need to improve his defence, consistency and attitude.

    7.  Joe Veleno

A skilled two way centre, Veleno has elite skill.  A playmaker, he uses his IQ and passing ability to create oppurtunities.  Great skater,  has a smooth skating stride, agile. Good puck skills, can get by players with ease.  Needs to improve his shot, not very powerful at this point.  Game changing skill, 1C potential.

    8. Akil Thomas

RC/W, 5’11, 170 lbs

An offensive centre (that can play some wing) with the skills to take over a game, Akil Thomas has impressed on a terrible Niagara IceDogs team.  He does everything well in the offensive zone.  He skates well, he has a great first step and impressive lateral movement.  He’s an elite playmaker, utilizing his top end vision and hockey IQ.  Good hands and shot.  Needs to improve away from the puck and add strength.  Lots of offensive potential, could be a future top line forward.

    9. Bode Wilde

RD, 6’2, 170 lbs

A big two way defenceman, difference maker on the blue line.  Skates well, transitions are smooth.  Good puck mover.  Big slap shot from the point, a lot of power on it.  Calm with the puck, rarely panics.  Shuts opponents down physically.  Solid two way defenceman with offensive upside, top pairing potential.

    10. Ty Smith

LD, 5’11, 174 lbs

Smart defenceman with skill. Great skater, great hockey sense, great puck mover. Drawn comparisons to Duncan Keith. Very sound defensively, smart in his own end, good positionally and one on one. Solid two way defenceman.

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