Jagr, Iginla, Doan: Get Ready For It NHL, Here Comes The Future

It is being reported at the NHL’s website, that three of its recent greatest players, Jaromir Jagr, Jerome Iginla, and Shane Doan are having trouble getting contracts from new teams. Doan and Iginla are said to be contemplating retirement and Jagr is said to have been offered a minor league contract.

In a continuation of my last article, these three hockey players are the start of the prototype players of tomorrow: players who take good care of their bodies and can continue playing in their sport at a high level well past 40 years of age and over.

In the past, there was Gordie Howe and Chris Chelios. Rare birds. But this is going to be the wave of the future. Tomorrow’s athlete will retire in his 40s, and maybe even reach 50. Jagr has stated that he wants 50 to be his retirement age.

What is distressing about the case of these elder statesmen is that the NHL has just expanded to Las Vegas so there should be more jobs than ever. Despite the fact that these star players can probably still contribute at a reasonable level, teams want to develop their younger players instead. And no team that is a contender and wants more talent in certain areas to put them over the top wants to take a chance either.

But this is just the beginning. With new medical treatments and better conditioning methods, athletes should be able to extend their careers to a much later age. The NHL is certainly not prepared for it. As I mentioned in two articles last year, the chelation remedy cured me of coronary heart disease, could have saved Gordie Howe, saved Steve Stamkos of Tampa Bay from missing a single playoff game with blood clots, and stopped Pascal Dupuis of the Pittsburgh Penguins from retiring because of the same reason.

Things actually should be more advanced than they are. The main reason they aren’t is because of the corruption in the health care industry. Too many people are making too much money from suffering and death. Pharmaceutical companies and others with similar motives can use the clinical trial system to block legitimate cures from reaching the public market. Scare tactics are used to keep the public in line. People are encouraged, even frightened to trust “professionals” with their health care and not themselves.

While I don’t advocate outright rebellion against “established medicine”, my own personal experience and what I’ve seen of many others makes it clear to me that “established medicine” is on the road to oblivion. When a legitimate cure is rejected, it gets classified as “alternative medicine” which doctors will not recommend and the user takes at his own risk, often in the face of scare tactics. But the public is getting more and more dissatisfied. Over a half decade ago, there was a survey in Canada in which 37% of the people polled said they would try “alternative medicine”. And the number is growing.

I personally know of at least three diseases that should be treated in different ways then what established medicine does. There is coronary heart disease (heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, etc.) by the chelation remedy. There is gall stones which I had earlier this year and I found the most effective treatment was shockingly sucking on a mint candy instead of the medicine that was prescribed. And I’ve heard from others that Shiatsu massage can cure hay fever and other allergies.

But neither the FDA nor Health Canada will recognize these treatments. Thanks to unscrupulous elements, such treatments get classified as alternative medicine or reduced to the level of a home remedy.

Neither the general public or any official body questions what is going on. They simply take the word of pharmaceutical companies, medical “experts” and others who have reasons for maintaining the status quo. Pharmaceutical companies, heart surgeons, companies that make “diet” varieties of things like salad dressing, etc., companies that make allergy pills, and the funeral business would all fall into this category.

For the NHL and other sports, they are just delaying tomorrow from coming sooner. There would be a dramatic drop in deaths and rise in quality of life if the chelation remedy was recognized for what it is. And imagine how much happier people with allergies would be if they were given a cure instead of coping drugs. But the cracks are starting to show. I write about my successful treatment whenever the opportunity arises and I always tell others who are suffering from coronary heart disease to investigate the chelation remedy and make up their own minds.

I hope Jagr, Doan, and Iginla find somewhere to play in the NHL. They are not washed up yet. They are not the end of the story but only the beginning.


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