Gretzky’s Records Can Be Broken

The most significant individual milestone of the past NHL season was set by the already legendary Jaromir Jagr when he passed Mark Messier for second place in the all-time scoring race. Jagr, 45, hopes to play at least five more years until he is 50. He is already boasting that he has passed Gordie Howe for most points scored by a player between 40 and 50 years of age.

Great as Jagr’s achievements are, he is still nearly a staggering 1000 points behind Gretzky’s all time mark. To emphasize how great Gretzky was, Jagr has played over 200 more games than Gretzky to reach his current total. He must know he won’t catch Gretzky – at least in this current phase of his career. But are Gretzky’s records unbreakable? My forecast is that all of his records are on the table and within reach.

Jagr is one of the first athletes that we will see more often in the future, a player who begins his career in his late teens or early twenties and then retires at 50, not 35. Tomorrow’s men and women will be able to do more than their counterparts of today. They will live longer, including staying at a higher health quality for a longer time. Perhaps the average life span will be 100 years, not 80; retirement age will be 80, not 65, and it will be normal to retire from professional sports between 50 and 65.

Last year I wrote two articles on this blog about the chelation remedy, an “alternative medicine” which I took when I was diagnosed with coronary heart disease, with a large amount of heart plaque in an unknown location somewhere near my heart, 9 years ago. It cured me of an official “incurable disease” without an operation and proved that the corrupt “health care” industry – with too many people making money from suffering and death – was using the clinical trial system to conceal legitimate cures from the public; the chelation remedy for sure and possibly many others.

I went on to explain in many articles how coronary heart disease played a significant role in determining who became the Stanley Cup Champion. The eventual champion Pittsburgh Penguins were forced to play without Pascal Dupuis who retired because of recurring blood clots. More significantly, the Tampa Bay Lightning, whom the Penguins barely beat in 7 tough games, were forced to play without their best player, Steve Stamkos until the very last game because of the same problems. And tragically, Gordie Howe, who had been suffering from a series of strokes in recent years died during last year’s playoffs. If the chelation remedy had been recognized by the FDA and Health Canada instead of the deliberate attempts to conceal and discredit it, and if the NHL had been using it, none of the above events would have occurred.

But there is another way of looking at what the chelation remedy does. Not only is it a cure for coronary heart disease, it restores the entire circulatory system, from head to toe, to a healthier state. By clearing the plaque from the entire body, the circulatory system is restored to a state that a person had when he/she was much younger. Up to now, attempts to become younger have been external procedures; hair dye, face lifts, breast implants, skin treatments, etc.

The chelation remedy could be said to be the first treatment that restores internal parts of the body to a younger state. You do not have to be officially sick with coronary heart disease to take it. In fact, by taking it occasionally, maybe once every few years, a person can keep heart plaque throughout the entire body to a minimum. No more worrying about eating foods with high cholesterol. You just take the chelation remedy periodically and then eat what you want.

Remedies like chelation will undoubtedly prolong the careers of professional athletes. As more discoveries are made in biochemistry at the cell level, it may be possible to keep muscles and other tissues in top shape for far longer than it is possible now. Careers like Jagr’s which are now an exception will become the rule.

So stretching our imaginations who can beat Wayne Gretzky’s records?

1. Jaromir Jagr

He’s got a head start on everybody else but given the way the health care industry is discrediting and blocking legitimate cures, it is unlikely that anything startling that will prolong and improve the quality of life will appear in the next five years. Right now the best way to get better new health options on the market and to discredit the bad old ones is to try to expose the health care industry for what it is doing. And the public can also take matters into its own hands by trying to ignore the scare tactics that “established medicine” uses to keep patients in line – “We’re not responsible for what happens” – is typical – and try new techniques and remedies like chelation that get banished into the “alternative medicine” category by the FDA and Health Canada. A few years ago, it was reported that 37% of Canadians were willing to try “alternative medicine” and the percentage is increasing. Clearly the public is not happy with the treatments it is getting from “established medicine” and wants something better.

2. Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, and Connor McDavid

Crosby is the direct descendant on Canada’s Golden Hockey Chain that goes back to Maurice Richard. This is the Canadian who is the best player of his generation – Canadian, American, European – far above everybody else. Ovechkin is billed as Crosby’s rival and McDavid is considered to be his successor. If their careers last long enough, perhaps new medical discoveries will keep them playing into their 50s.

3. Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Mario Lemieux

Who knows? If these three can stay alive for a long time, perhaps new biochemistry discoveries can restore other parts of the body besides the chelation remedy. If Gretzky can hang in there and he can be restored, he may feel that his successors like Crosby and Jagr are getting too close for comfort and he’ll want to resume his career. Can Messier and Lemieux be far behind? And while dwelling on these possibilities, how about bringing back Bobby Hull, Bobby Orr, and Guy Lafleur too?

4. Gordie Howe and Maurice Richard

So far only one person in recorded history has managed to defy death both for himself and others. But in theory, if total healing and restoring is taken to its logical conclusion, resurrection is not a far-fetched possibility in this age of new discoveries. Right now it seems a laughable, mad concept but so did air travel and a coronary heart disease cure back in 1800, both of which are now reality. In television shows like “Fabric Of The Cosmos”, futuristic ideas like time travel, the nature of space, multiple universes where clones living the exact same lives as they are on Earth exist, are explored. Nobody knows what dark energy and dark matter is. And how do you explain phenomena like Joan of Arc and Abraham Lincoln’s “dream” where he saw himself lying in state in the White House about 1½ months before it happened? There are a lot of secrets yet to be discovered. Howe himself wanted to take a professional hockey shift when he was over 70. Bring him back and he will be gung-ho to resume his career.

So Gretzky’s records are not unbreakable. Most people think of some new phenomenon yet to be born who will be better than Gretzky who will do the trick. But with new medical discoveries, people of the present and the past, including Gretzky himself still have a chance. Only the concealed secrets and human corruption stand in the way.


6 thoughts on “Gretzky’s Records Can Be Broken

  1. Sure they could be broken but not likely first off I’ve had mutiple strokes myself by the age of 32 and was not obese(not that you said I was) I think your going to see it go the other direction. No one in going to want to work till they are 80 and live till they are 100. The average life span in the states in 62 for a man and some places it maybe a but higher it’s not 80. Also the trend in sports is to go younger and cheaper. People are more likely to retire at 35 and not 50. We see it more and more often that people in sports are retiring younger than they did just a few decades ago. Likely because they make a whole heap of money and they understand that getting hit over and over is bad for the brain. I’m sure you saw the very recent report showing that 110 of 111 former NFL players had CFE. Which is brain damage very similar to the disease that Mohammad Ali. Also why did the Pens pick up an enforcer from the Blues. because Crosby can’t score because of he getting mugged all the time on the ice. I’d say you’ll see a higher amount of players leave the game at 30 and live longer. And Gretzky isn’t coming back the man is old and not in good shape. Have you see him I saw him for the winter classic Alumni game. He did not look like the great one anymore. Jagr is a freak of nature and as a freak he will keep playing but he is not likely worth the money they pay him. Because as player play longer they want more money and will not take less for less of a player. That is why they like to go young young young.

  2. Thanks for replying Josh. I’ll go over your points one by one.


    Obviously you did not read the 2 articles I wrote last year (and I’ve written a few articles about it on Bleacher Report when I wrote for them). 9 years ago, I was diagnosed with the same disease you have only the plaque was around my heart which could cause a heart attack, not in the brain like you which could cause a stroke. But I did research on the Internet and found websites that sold products that they claimed could remove plaque from people’s bodies safely. I tried it and it worked which is why I am still alive today after coming close to dying. There is a cure for the disease we both have which the health care industry is covering up. (I know why and how they do it. it’s a long story but the answer is in part 2 of my article last year.) If you are interested in this product (which can keep you clear of plaque if you take it periodically for the rest of your life and prevent further strokes and heart attacks), email me and I’ll show where to look on the Internet so you check it out and decide if you want to try it. Two of my friends here in Europe have tried it and it worked for them too.


    You don’t have to be obese to have a heart attack or stroke. In the 2000s, the New York Rangers drafted a Russian boy in the NHL first round as their number 1 pick. He was looking forward to going to North America and becoming an NHL star when he collapsed on the ice in Russia while practicing and died of some form of coronary heart disease. He was only 19.


    You are ignoring quality of life. Through new medicine, the “prime of your life” will not be from 18 to 35, but from 18 to 50. And people who love playing sports for a living will play to that age, both for the love of the game and for the enormous sums of money they can make. Many sports figures are at a loss about what to do when they retire. Some have turned to drugs and crime. Some have blown the sums of money they made as athletes. Some don’t want to bow out of the lime light. And it’s the same in other vocations. Many people do not want to retire if they love their jobs. Or once they retire they find some new avenue of activity and keep on going.


    The overall life span of humans and animals will increase. More and more people are now living into their 90s (see Chuck Berry and George Martin). New medical breakthroughs will make it possible to go to 100 and beyond.


    Some people will retire early if they have had enough, but it is doubtful they will be inactive. Some people like George Forman and the color commentators of sports tv make new careers for themselves. And they won’t retire until they either have to or have a nest egg put away.


    Like you said, with some sports like boxing, football, rugger or other sports with a high percentage of danger, it makes sense to quit early than be permanently injured like Ali and the football players. But with tomorrow’s medicine, you might be able to cure these people too. There’s lots of medical secrets waiting to be discovered.


    Yes, Gretzky has self-proclaimed himself to be unfit and doesn’t even want to play in anymore old timer games. But if tomorrow’s medicine could revitalize him, he might change his mind. On the other hand, Gordie Howe wanted to take a token shift around the ice in a professional game when he was over 70. It depends on how the athlete feels and how much he wants to play again. George Forman came out of retirement in his late 40s because he believed he could win the heavy weight championship again. And he did and then he retired again.


    Jagr isn’t a freak but the coming athlete of the future. He is in the predicament he is in because he scores less than what he could do before and NHL clubs want to invest their money in developing a young player who may have the potential to score more. But that doesn’t mean he can’t contribute effectively in a secondary role. Many young NHL players still can’t play as good as Jagr can at age 45. And he and other older players will take less money to play in a secondary role. They understand that.

    • 1. Well my stoke wasn’t the cause of that. It was caused by incredibly high, high blood pressure. Like ridiculously high..undiagnosed. I had multiple stokes for years and didn’t know it.

      2. I didn’t say you do have to be obese. I was just making the point that I wasn’t. However here is the deal. Heart related deaths are on the rise because of undiagnosed heart issues. It happens all the time. Teenager dies during sporting event. (must be drugs,nope) turns out that person has a bad valve never knew it though. or a hole in the heart or a bunch of things.

      3. Quality of life is crap for people over 60-70 years old. Remember in the states we don’t have national health care. So many people don’t get help. Unless they make not much. if you make slightly more than nothing you have to provide you own insurance and btw it’s complete crap and cost a crap ton. So while yes there are people that do live to 110. It’s not the norm. And again the life expectancy is 62 in the states. Also using the argument of people turning you crime and blowing all they’re money so they have to still play. Again sure there are a small amount of players that can’t figure out how to live in a 1m a year and invest the rest in some that is secure. Those people are too dumb likely didn’t have a brain in their head to begin with. So they don’t have to worry about CTE.

      4. Just because your life increases in longer doesn’t mean you can continue play sports at the top level. You would see people breaking hips and never walking again. Who would want to watch number 99 break a hip and have to walk with a cane. Also did you see Chuck Berry at the end of his life I don’t think he could play any pro sport ether also btw was a musician. So his fingers, mouth and brain needed to work. The man could barely walk.

      5. Some people will want to stay active. Yeah. Announcer(sure) Coach(yeah). Play that the top level..(no) Only reason those old boxers came out of retirement is because they ran out of money and the cost for players has gone up.(A lot)

      6. Well until we can undo the effects of cte on the brain which unless you have the ability to unbruise the brain I don’t see happening in our time. Its not going to happen. Players are going to continue to retire younger and younger.

      7 The Gordie Howe defense. He skated out for one shift every ten years. And no one checked him. It’s not the same. As him actually play a game.

      8. Thats the thing most vet. players won’t take less and they want more. and during the nineties we did have players play older.. however that was do to a pill that grew hair and gave you acne. Worked great though.. look at Berry Bonds, Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa. But those drugs aren’t legal in most sports anymore.

      • Thanks for responding Josh. I’ll go over all your points again.

        1. Strokes aren’t caused by blood pressure, nor are heart attacks. They are caused by too much plaque concentrated in one place blocking the flow of blood. I never had a blood pressure problem but I had a severe blockage like you. But certainly abnormal blood pressure does not contribute to good circulation health.

        2. You are right about things going undiagnosed. If I had known I had a severe blockage a lot earlier, I should have taken the chelation remedy sooner. My first disease caused a second disease, heart failure.

        3. In Canada they have a national health care program which is paid for in taxes. If you watch “Sicko” by Michael Moore, you’ll see Americans pretending to be Canadians crossing the border in order to get “free” health care. Certainly ordinary Americans are at a greater disadvantage financially than Canadians. But it all means nothing if you are still prescribed the wrong medicine. It costs thousands of dollars to have open heart surgery like a bypass that does not cure you, whereas when I took the chelation remedy, I was cured and it only cost me $181 to save my own life in defiance of “official” medicine.

        4. Well Josh, when anybody dies of a disease or injury, they were obviously in bad shape somewhere. Everybody is in bad shape when they die. Even the Russian hockey player had clogged arteries when he died at 19. What I am talking about in my article is being able to revitalize parts of the body that were in bad shape, that it was not possible to do before. The chelation remedy which I took cleared up a bad blockage in my arteries. But if it did not exist, I would probably have had open heart surgery or die. New medicine will be able to clear up other traditional aging problems. Sure Chuck Berry had deteriorated when died. That happens to everybody. But tomorrow’s medicine will prevent deterioration from occurring sooner and enable people to live longer at a higher quality.

        5. We still don’t really know much about the brain. It is one of those areas in the body that probably has a lot more secrets to be discovered. As more of its workings become known, mental diseases and things like your CTE will become better known and new treatments will be devised.

    • Thanks for asking Doc. The answer is lots of them. When I was in university in Toronto back in the 1970s, people from the United States would come up to give seminars about the JFK assassination. It wasn’t Garrison who you see in the JFK film but experts who had been studying the event for years. They would bring with them clear copies of the Zapruder film which they kept always in Canada for fear of destruction if they brought it into America plus other evidence. And they definitely cast serious doubt on the conclusions of the Warren Commission which said Lee Harvey acted alone to kill the president. Later in the 1990s, the brother of a mafia mobster published a book giving the reason for JFK’s murder, his “double crossing” (at least in their eyes) of the mafia and the CIA over Cuba which led to the Bay of Pigs incident. He even named JFK’s killer, a CIA agent named Cain. You can read about all this on the Internet. So if you were to ask me if I believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy, I would say he might be involved but he’s not the real killer.

      And if you ask me about the destruction of the World Trade Center, I would give a different answer to the official one. I own a copy of the infamous Fahrenheit 911 DVD plus another one about the attack and all evidence points to George H. W. Bush being the culprit. Before Sept. 11, his brother had control of all security in the Center and shut it down for one complete weekend which allowed his henchmen to smuggle in thermo-explosives and plant them on successive floors.

      Now ask yourself what really happens when you put something too heavy on top of something light. The floors crumble through and the heavy object keeps sinking until it is stopped by weight strong enough to support it. Big as an airplane is, it is not possible for one to cause the whole of the skyscrapers that were so solidly built to collapse. What should have happened was that the airplane would sink, maybe a few floors at most until the weight of the rest of the building stopped its descent. That didn’t happen. The explosives that had been planted were timed perfectly to go off causing both buildings to completely collapse.

      But you don’t need me to try to convince you about this. You can see it for yourself. Go on YouTube and watch the buildings collapse in slow motion from different angles. Notice that nothing flies apart in all directions. The buildings are taken down like they would be by someone who is in the professional demolition business. Watch in slow motion and if you look closely before each floor collapses, you will see little puffs of smoke coming out the side of the buildinga as the planted explosives go off. Several people who were in the building at the time and survived can recall hearing explosions.

      As to why Bush would do it, his family which is in the oil business has close ties with the Bin Laden family who are also big Saudi Arabia oil people. Probably what happened was that they offered Saddam Hussein of Iraq an oil deal which he refused to accept and they decided that he had to be eliminated. So when G H W Bush got elected, he was able to put the power of the American Government behind an effort to get rid of Saddam. But he needed a moral excuse to declare war and invade Iraq to seize their oil fields. He hit upon the idea of blowing up the World Trade Center to get public opinion on his side. When the buildings fell, he blamed it on Iraqi terrorists who had the blessing of Saddam, not on the Suadis who probably did the high jacking. And America and Bush have kept control of the Iraqi oil fields since.

      As to other medical “conspiracies”, earlier this year I had an attack of gall stones and the best and complete relief I got was not from medicine but from sucking on a candy drop made of mint. Sure enough when I did research on the Internet, I came across websites that said mint was a good way of dealing with gall stones.

      And my last job in Canada was at a school for Shiatsu Massage. The principal of the school claimed that he became a believer in Shiatsu because he had chronic hay fever since childhood and Shiatsu Massage treatments cured him of his allergy. In fact, he and the founder of Canadian Shiatsu massage wrote a book claiming Shiatsu could cure hay fever and other allergies. But the FDA and Health Canada won’t recognize Shiatsu as a cure anymore than they will recognize mint and the chelation remedy. So all these treatments get classified as “alternative medicine” instead which means that they will not be recommended by “established doctors” even though they work. So a patient has to try them on his/her own initiative in spite of the scare tactics used. I know a lot more about the kind of things established medicine does but I hope this enough for you now. And there’s probably other effective treatments for other illnesses that I don’t know about.

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