NEW RECORD! Sens 5 – Leafs 4 (OT)

So hockey is back! And the Leafs… kinda played? Some things happened, which we all might be interested in…



I don’t have the money for Photoshop, nor the expertise to use it. So enjoy my copy/paste of Mario Party’s new record onto AM’s glamour shot becaussssse! AUSTON MATTHEWS BECAME THE FIRST PLAYER TO SCORE 4 IN HIS FIRST GAME! We even got a loser point out of it! he did miss his assignment on the overtime goal, but goals are scored off of others mistakes, and despite being ridiculously mature and good at stuff, he’s still a rookie.


Now onto my hard-hitting analysis. We were ok, just ok. We were good offensively, really good, fantastic even. AAAAND piss-poor defensively so it didn’t matter. Andersen (Who shall henceforth be called Lego) looked shaky and inconsistent, which is honestly expected with A) 3 and 2/3rd games played on the way back from injury, B) a new set of defencemen C) those defencemen being short a man from pretty well the outset with Hunwick being hurt and D) a whole whack of guys learning the system. We had at least 7 rookies in the lineup, and Babbers missed a week of training camp with which to assess and teach due to the world cup (my main opposition to the tourney). It’s going to happen, guys are rusty and they’ll shake it off as a group. We looked similar last year until guys figured out Babcock’s system, but this should be the last time he’ll have to teach it en mass.

All in all, not a terrible way to start the season, but would have been nice to win it. If I’m being honest I was too giddy watching the game to notice much else really, other than the fact that Mitch Marner could have had just as many as Matthews with slightly more fortunate bounces. Kid has scary speed. Anyways, I promise I will have a more in-depth write up next game, but hey, hockey is fun again!


Leafs record: 0-0-1-0

Next Opponent: Boston – Saturday October 15th on CBC.

See ya then!


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