Pre-Frenzy Frenzy

I don’t know what to think of the frenzy before the actual frenzy. Two days from the unofficial start of the 2016-17 season, the hockey world is blowing up with the news that trades went down this afternoon. Adam Larsson for Taylor Hall was first, followed up with PK Subban for Shea Weber. What planet are we living on?

Beginning with the Larsson for Hall trade: This was a one-for-one deal. Edmonton has been a sinking ship for quite some time, so them trading Hall was a complete surprise to me. But on the other hand, shipping someone like a former #1 overall pick was almost as if nobody is safe in the Oilers organization.

But look at this in the perspective of the Oilers, getting Larsson. According to the NHL:

The Oilers have one right-shot defender signed for next season, Mark Fayne. Adam Clendening and Eric Gryba, the other right-shot defensemen who finished 2015-16 with the Oilers, will become unrestricted free agents Friday.

They’re still going to need some help on the blueline, even though they’ve found another right-handed d-man. However: right now, I’m calling this a slight win for the Devils. If Hall can find his place within the top two lines, he’s going to help guide the team and finally get into the postseason. Larsson, on the other hand, won’t be a huge game-changer.25043674321_1d6551a923_n

Then, you had the blockbuster of the day: Subban for Weber: Another one-for-one deal. PK has been, without a shadow of a doubt, one of (if not the only one) the heart and soul players of the Canadiens. So you’re going to trade his huge contract for Shea Weber’s huge contract (who, by the way, I would have penned to be another “I’m staying in this city” player)? It’s a draw right now, with these two. They’re both superior defensemen… I’m just not sure if I can pro and con them right now.

The trade overall, though, seems a little fishy. When I look at their overall starts and break this down further – and watch some of their games – I can figure out a winner. Right now? I can’t.

I’m sorry if this is a ramble and more of a “freaking out” entry. When everyone’s going nuts at the hockey world today, there’s not much you can say. Let me digest everything, go and watch some hockey in October, then give you a better assessment.

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