First Dupuis, Then Stamkos, Now Howe

Yesterday on June 10, 2016, the NHL’s greatest living legend, Gordie Howe died at age 88, casting a dark pall on the remaining one or two games in this year’s playoff’s final. It is going to be difficult to hand out the Stanley Cup and the Conn Smythe Trophy to the winning team knowing Howe’s funeral is going to be scheduled. It is going to be difficult to follow up that funeral with the joyous events of the NHL’s awards banquet, the NHL draft and whatever NHL expansion announcement is made.

I found out the news by going to the NHL’s website and clicking the NEWS option. And in the very first article about Howe was the following line, spaced by itself that said it all:

“Howe was diagnosed with dementia in 2012 and had a series of strokes in 2014.”

Strokes are a form of coronary heart disease only they occur in the brain instead of around the heart, but they are one and the same. It is the build up of too much plaque in one area of the circulatory system that blocks the flow of life-giving blood and oxygen to the whole body. In the head it is called a stroke. Right Gordie? If it occurs in the chest area it is called a heart attack. Right Johnny Unitas? And if it occurs elsewhere in the body sometimes it is called blood clots. Right Pascal Dupuis and Steve Stamkos?

Less than one month after I published two articles on this blog  about how the corrupt health industry was deliberately concealing a cure for coronary heart disease; how it had impacted on the past; how it forced the unnecessary retirement of Pittsburgh Penguin Pascal Dupuis; how it played such a significant, indirect role in the Pittsburgh Penguin victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning by keeping star Lightning forward Steve Stamkos unnecessarily out of the playoffs until Tampa’s last game, hockey’s greatest living legend is now dead from the same disease.

The bottom line is that there is an existing “alternative medicine” that could have saved Howe.

It doesn’t matter that he was 88. Age is just a number, a measuring stick. It is health that matters whether a person lives or dies. I was 53 when I was diagnosed with a form of coronary heart disease. I took this “alternative medicine” remedy that “official medicine” and the pharmaceutical companies are trying so hard to suppress and I still live. If properly diagnosed in time, Howe could have been saved within 24 hours.

There have been two medical verdicts that have been around for ages: “died of old age”; “died of natural causes”.

Based on these terms people will say of Howe: “He lived a wonderful life but his time was up.” “We all have to go eventually and he did live a long life.” etc.

But those two verdicts are on the way out. More and more medical secrets are being uncovered all the time. Tomorrow’s 70 year old man will be able to do what today’s 50 year old man can do. Tomorrow’s professional athletes will retire at age 50 on average, not at today’s 35. More and more the real villains are not disease and aging but the corruption in the health industry, men and women who are making large profits from suffering and death.

I doubt if NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman or any of the NHL’s Board of Governors and other executives will read this article or the other two. I doubt if anyone on the NHLPA executive will read them either. But Mr. Commissioner and all you other NHL big shots have entered a period of unnecessary mourning right at the most joyous time of the year for the NHL. For the next while, no matter how joyous the event is supposed to be, everything will be under a dark cloud because you never investigate or challenge “official medicine” no matter how damaging it really is.

And to the departed Mr. Howe: Have a good time wherever you’ve gone Gordie. But I know if the truth came out, you would still be celebrating another Stanley Cup Final here on Earth with us.

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