Cup Final = Lackluster

As a fan of hockey overall, I should be interested in the Cup final this year. The key word there is should. You have media darling Sidney Crosby against San Jose. (Sorry, Pittsburgh fans. I feel as though NBC does nothing but talk about Crosby, with little coverage on the Sharks. Kind of pathetic, now that you think about it…)

For those of you who are interested in this final, this little piece isn’t for you. Come back later if you decide that you ultimately think that this SCF sucked.

For those of you who decided that, yes, the final has sucked so far, congratulations. I feel your pain. I just haven’t been that emotionally attached to the series as most people should. It has nothing to do with Crosby or any member of the Penguins and how they’re probably going to win on Thursday. It just… I don’t know. I don’t think I can pinpoint my thoughts on the exact reason.

Maybe it’s because San Jose isn’t one of the network’s darling west teams. I could see more of an interest on my part if it was a team like St. Louis or – it pains me to say it – Chicago. Although I’m not sure I could keep my stomach intact if Patrick Kane lifted the Cup after his summer from Hell. No offense to the Blackhawks fans. I’m really not making any kind of friends here, am I?

Or maybe it’s just that all of the horses I had in the race in the playoffs kind of went “poof” and didn’t make it. I was literally in tears the day that the day of straddling happened. You know that day by now. Second round was just starting, but the first round was ending later that night. Read news, will have a good eight-in-the-morning cry. I didn’t exactly care about the rest of the playoffs. Games were on my television for background light/noise. It was just cringeworthy.

But don’t get me wrong: I thought the media was picking the Sharks left and right to win. It just doesn’t feel right when your pre-final pick is nearly dead in the water… Sorry about that. No pun intended. My vision was simple, and completely different from everyone else. My heart was telling me one thing, and my brain was going in another direction altogether. When you don’t want one team to win, it’s going to happen. And you’re not going to like it.

So when Thursday rolls around, I’m going to have TweetDeck up for all news pertaining to Game Five. I might find something else to watch, because there is no chance that I’m going to watch any more boredom. Another apology, folks: This final just isn’t my cup of tea.

Maybe it’s just iced tea that’s a bit too warm.

2 thoughts on “Cup Final = Lackluster

  1. No doubt San Jose has been bad, to the point that the series has been almost uninteresting. I put it mostly down to that; Pittsburghs domination has made it boring, and up 3-1 I’m almost hoping they win game 5 just to end the season.

    • Exactly. Let Pittsburgh win tomorrow. I’ll be happy that it’s time to move to more interesting things… The awards show and the draft. The boredom has just dragged out a bit too long.

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