NHL.com Bracket Challenge – You In?

When I was watching NBCSN on a Sunday night (Penguins/Rangers), I kind of quick glanced at the advertisements on the boards. Where the NHL puts their website ad (in the corner, near the red line), there was “NHL.com/bracket” Curious as I ever am, I decided to check it out.

And when I saw what it was, I almost decided to retreat. Key word there is “almost”.

It’s the NHL’s way of saying “can you pick a perfect bracket” without having to pick from 64 teams. Fill out the entire thing, then sit and watch as the teams fall apart at the seams.

I bombed last year. I had Anaheim in the SCF, I believe. I’m not going to go into specifics, because I’m pretty sure I don’t remember what happened. What I do remember out of the whole thing was that I did an okay job at it, getting picks through as best as I could. And as I’m not a real bracket-filler, I was decent at winging it.

So this year, I ask you: Are we doing a league on NHL.com? Let us know, and we’ll make a league for the writers and readers.

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