Dion Turncloak and Supersnub

Now the title is a Game of Thrones joke, as far as Dion’s case anyways. I woke up to a message from a buddy that Dion was traded and I was like “ok, surprising but ok, to who?” and then message number 2 popped up “OTTAWA!” ,“…what?” .

You can’t ask for more than we got from the man who accepted the captaincy of a flawed team and worked his ass off every day. What a lot of people conveniently forget is that until recently Dion’s regular defense partner was Carl Gunnarson, and we never surrounded him with the proper talent to succeed. Dion also sacrificed his own numbers for the good of the team with Cody Franson being the go to trigger man on the powerplay for years, despite his propensity for being caught in no man’s land as the high guy and making the whole unit look bad as well.

The trade is phenomenal for our team, but Dion was a leader and an example for our young guys who will be sorely missed. The Leafs were clear in their message however, that the young guns on the blueline are trusted to step up as leaders. Morgan Rielly and Jake Gardiner no longer have Dion to lean on, and it’s time especially for Morgan to prove that he can run the powerplay effectively. This is his moment.

With that we will move into part 2 of my day, with it being announced that the Leafs are missing out on yet another Centennial event that the Habs were granted, in the draft. This speaks of nothing but disrespect for a team that has contributed significantly to the leagues success from day 1.

What’s funny is that, while we haven’t won in about 50 years, we STILL have the second most Stanley Cups. Think about that. Everyone else has had 50 years to catch up, and the only team to even come close is the Red Wings, another Original 6 team who played through the same Era we did.

The NHL bent over backwards for the Montreal Canadiens during their Centennial season, and we’ll have to wait for the next Centennial team to see if this is just a Leafs specific snub, of if Montreal is the NHL’ favourite child, but my money is on the former. I know it won’t happen, but it would be sweet justice to see the city of Toronto – as a people – boycott the NHL’s sham-Olympics the “World Cup” in revenge. But that’s probably just me being spiteful.

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