Stay Out Of Sports Comment Sections

Ah, comment sections on the internet. A place full of trolls, haters and fakes that flock to Youtube and Facebook to insult and pick fights with random people. Now, usually whenever people think of these guys it’s about how they go to Youtube for their comments. But, that and reddit aren’t the only places they burrow.

A severely overlooked nesting ground are the comment sections on posts for professional sports teams. This is a perfect place where real fans, fair-weather fans and trolls can come together to duke it out. I try not to look at what people say, but it calls to me and I feel like I should. That is always a mistake.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the comments do a complete 180 between a win and a loss. I mean, wow. I’ll look at the comments of a teams post after a loss and the comments will be shit like “Why did we sign (so-and-so), he’s terrible” to “Fire all of management “. SERIOUSLY? One loss and that’s what you say?

Then a couple days later I’ll look after a win and see “(same player they hated)= GOAT” and “Post-season here we come”. Know what the first thing that comes to my mind seeing this? I hate people. If you can change your perspective on a team that drastically in two days, then you’re not a fan. You’re a person who stops watching a team when they hit a rough patch. A fair-weather fan.

My favorite part about the comments sections though? The other teams fans that go to your teams posts just to gloat or complain. I remember looking at a Sharks post after they lost to the Kings. There were the usual hate-filled and glass-half-full comments. Then I start seeing Kings fans talking trash about the Sharks. On the Sharks post.

Guys listen, you’re not considered a better fan is you do that type of stuff, you’re considered pathetic. Chances are the Kings don’t even know you exist, they’re too busy trying to hurt other players. To take the time and energy and look up a teams post and start fighting it’s fans on there is sad and you really need to re-evaluate your life.

I guess the whole point that I’m trying to make from this ramble is don’t look at comment sections. Because all you will find is hate and trolls. So. Many. Trolls.

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