Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

Since the deadline is basically over when I’m writing this (2:58PM EST), I might as well start writing the Trade Deadline Winners and Losers. Most people write about which team won and what not, here’s my alternative view on who won and lost this trade deadline. Tell us how you think! Tell us on Facebook here: on Twitter @hkyblogger or simply comment below!

Jeff Petry

Man oh man. Lucky Jeff Petry. He gets traded from the worst team in the league to one of the best. You really can’t complain here if you’re Jeff Petry.

Jordan Leopold’s family
Just read the letter.

TSN Twitter Box

Well uh… Not exactly what I’d call great for the network? Some poor intern is getting fired. It did bring everyone some giggles and laughs but probably not the smartest move and Lupul is definitely not happy.

Ouch. TMZ is bad enough already… Maybe just screen all the tweets next time?

Llamas in the TSN studio
Well what the f*ck was this.

It was during the empty period near lunch time and I guess TSN just had nothing to do. TSN’s not really having the greatest TradeCenter right now… A little bit of context. CNN had spent several hours the other day tracking some escaped Llamas. TSN tried to do the same thing and I have no words to explain what happened… All I know is that if this was in the States, PETA would lose their minds…

Fans everywhere
This deadline day was rather boring. No big trades. The only big trades happened at the wee hours of the night. All of the fans at who spent the entire days glued to the TV were surely disappointed. Cause I surely am.

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