How I Tried To Be An Insider

Before I start this, I have to admit something, yes this is partly influenced by the Joshua Kusnick article that you can read here: It’s a great read. This isn’t really a life story but it has bits and parts of my own story trying to become an hockey insider. 

Just like most young sports fans on Twitter I wanted to be part of the action. I wanted to break news. There’s a lot of people like me out there. But I didn’t want to make stuff up. I’d hate to see you guys have to make stuff up, so I’d like to help. Here’s what I did. I met a guy or two. Follow this and I both cannot and will not guarantee you will find a source. 

  1. Do not badger people. A lot of people will say no. Remember they’re doing you a favour. They’re not getting anything in return. Sometimes people will throw you a bone. 
  2. Do not ever gloat about who your sources are. If you get a source that’s a scout for Team A, do not gloat that your source is a scout within Team A. Use a quick google search, each team has 15-20 scouts. How hard do you think it is for front office to quickly find these guys? It’s not hard. If you gloat, your source will get in trouble with their respective team, and no one will ever work with you again.
  3. Start from the bottom. Minor league teams have front office members too! Sure the breaking NHL news is really cool, but no one is going to leak that information to you the first day you’re on the job. Start with a D-3 NCAA for example. Show that you’re a reliable person, and maybe someone will try help you out.
  4. Meet these guys in person. Would you risk your career for a person you’ve never met? Go to games, meet some of these guys and form a relationship with them. Get a business card or their contact and talk to them. Don’t ask for secrets right away. That’s a little weird don’t you think? Show that you’re reliable and you should get their trust.
  5. The first one is the hardest. Once you get the ball rolling, and you’re starting to develop a name for yourself, it gets easier. It’s like cooking a steak. The first steak you make might not end up well. However, each time you make a steak after, it becomes easier! Just because the first guy said no to you, keep working on it!

So those are some of the secrets I follow. I’m not an insider, I’m just a blogger.   Yes I know, some of these points are similar/repeated from the article, but they’re true in both cases, and I felt they were the most important.

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