Season Preview, Preview!

So the season is rapidly approaching. Every year we do a small little preview like this,, but this year we’re doing something HUGE. We have 12 writers working on this project. We have a mixture of up and coming writers, occasional writers, superfans, and writers from other strong websites. What does that mean? It means that there’s something for everyone! Are you a coach from the couch? Well we got something for you! Are you someone trying to dip their toes into hockey? Well we got something for you! Interested in learning more about every team? Well we got something for you! So you get the idea right?

Now you might ask what’s going on? Well we have thirty consecutive days of posting from the 12 writers. We have previews for each team. Starting from the 7th of September and the Boston Bruins, we will post every single day, until the 6th of October with the final preview focused on the Buffalo Sabres.

So how can you make sure to not miss the fun? You can subscribe to our website if you’re already using WordPress. If not, join our mailing list by filing out the form here: You can “like” us on Facebook here: or follow me on Twitter here, If you’re scared that you won’t get any of the notifications, you can always check back every single day from the 7th of September till the 6th of October! We look forward to releasing our season preview soon!

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