Players To Watch For In The Upcoming Season

David Clarkson W Toronto Maple Leafs

After signing the massive contract last July, expectations were high for David Clarkson. Coming off a 20 goal season before signing a massive 7 year $36.75M contract, Clarkson was expected to score goals, be truculent, and be a leader of the team. Granted, Clarkson was one and a half of those things. He was truculent,  getting  159 hits and 93 penalty minutes. He was sort of the leader of the Toronto Maple Leafs at the same time. He was a protector of Phil Kessel and the waterbottle.

Every team needs a character player or two, but not for the price that the Leafs are paying him. Make sure to watch his play this season. If he plays poorly, he becomes one of the biggest busts of the entire NHL. If he plays well, suddenly the contract doesn’t become so bad. Players with similar cap hit and similar age include: David Krejci (28), Joffrey Lupul (30), Nathan Horton (29).



Bobby Ryan W Ottawa Senators

It was suggested that the return for Jason Spezza  would be rather thrifty to save money. For once, it was not cause the Senators’ budget got cut again. It was suggested that the team was trying to save up money so they could re-sign Bobby Ryan. He currently has a cap hit of $5.1M for the upcoming season and is an unrestricted free agent after that. If the Senators want to blow up the team, next year would be a great year to start. Methot, MacArthur, Anderson, and Ryan are both UFAs after next year, and Phillips, Neil, and Legwand are all UFAs after that.  That would leave Michalek and Karlsson as the only players earning $4M or more. For what it’s worth, Bobby Ryan reportedly does not own a home in Ottawa and lives in Idaho in the off season. So for the paranoid people, he clearly isn’t committed at all. For the rest of us, carry on.

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