The Most Confusing Signings of July 1st!

July 1st. It’s Canada Day, the NBA Free Agency starting point (not that it matters though.), and the beginning of the NHL Free Agency. Every year, several signings confuse all of tremendously and this was no different. After day one of the NHL Free Agency, here are the signings that made us go, “What?”.


  • Dave Bolland to FLA for 5 x $5.5M

This one was sort of expected. It was known that some team would have came along and grossly overpaid Bolland. Bolland is 2nd line center on a bad team and a third line center on every other team. If you’re a GM, you don’t pay $5.5M on a third line center, and on the Florida Panthers, that’s where he’s going to be. I expect Aleksander Barkov to be the 1st line center, Nick Bjugstad to be the 2nd line center, and Bolland be the 3rd line center.

-Cap Comparables:

Blake Wheeler ($5.8M)
Patrick Elias ($5.5M)
Evander Kane ($5.25M)
Jeff Skinner ($5.75M)


  • Brooks Orpik to WSH for 5 x $5.5M

For  a defensive defenseman who has a +/- of -3, you’d think he’d get much less. Brian MacLellan must see something in him that we all don’t. If not, Brooks Orpik could turn into another David Clarkson.

-Cap Comparables

Paul Martin ($5M)
Brent Seabrook ($5M)
Keith Yandle ($5.5M)


  • Brian Gionta to BUF for 3 x $4.2M

Not sure why Buffalo would have even offered this contract… They’re rebuilding right? They also gave him a full NMC in the 1st 2 years and a limited NTC on the 3rd year? Really? Look we get that Terry Pegula is completely loaded but there’s still a salary cap. I mean if you want to flaunt your money just buy a giant billboard reminding us that the Sabres are paying millions of dollars to Ville Leino for the next six years to go home and do nothing. Alternatively, they can prove to me how much money they have by giving me a bunch of money. I promise I’ll donate most of it! Or even better, just donate a bunch of money!  All of that aside, i’m not sure why you want a 36 year old on a rebuilding team. Sure, it can be argued that he could provide some leadership on the team,  but is that not why you have guys like Drew Stafford on your team? This signing confuses me a lot…

– Cap Comparables

Mike Fisher ($4.2M)
Erik Cole ($4M)

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