Interview With Dennis MacInnis of ISS Hockey!


We recently caught up with Dennis MacInnis of ISS Hockey. Dennis is currently the Director of Scouting of ISS Hockey. ISS Hockey is the world leader in independent scouting and information services on hockey prospects. It’s clients include NHL teams, Hockey Canada, and TSN. Dennis is considered one of the world’s top scouts and has been featured on websites such as CBS New York. If you want to see more of Dennis’ work, make sure to log on to and read more!

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Editor’s note: This is more of an unusual interview; even from our point of view. We wanted the reader to learn about top prospects in this year’s draft, but still get a chance to learn about drafting and scouting in general. We hope you like it either way! We also decided to take tweets from the ISS Hockey account to make sure you could have a brief scouting report on each player!

Who has the biggest upside in this year’s draft?
Aaron Ekblad. He is a stud best defenseman available by a wide margin.
Aaron Ekblad

In 2012, Mark Jankowski was picked by Calgary Flames with the 21st pick. He was not expected to get drafted at such a high pick. Is there anyone you think may be listed a bit lower, but may be picked higher than expected?
Kevin Fiala. He is a Swiss speedster currently playing in Sweden. He has been steadily moving up rankings since November. Fiala is currently ranked #32. He also played on Team Switzerland at the 2014 World Junior Championships and led the team in scoring. He is a highly skilled, crafty offensive player with very good play-making ability that makes those around him better.

Who is the highest risk-highest reward player available?
Tony DeAngelo & Joshua Ho-Sang
Josh Ho Sang

Tony DeAngelo

Who is the sleeper pick in this year’s draft?
Dylan Larkin. He is better than people think. He has excellent leadership ability!
Dylan Larkin

Editor’s note: We also did an interview with Dylan Larkin! You can check it out here:

Of the top picks available this year, who do you think would benefit from some seasoning?
Sam Bennett. He will need time to add size & strength.

Sam Bennet

Of the goalies available this year, who do you think is the most NHL ready?
Thatcher Demko. He is mature and already pro size. He graduated a year early from high school to attend university a year early for Boston College.
Thatcher Demko

Which prospect available this year is the most NHL ready?
Aaron Ekblad would be most NHL ready.

Are teams scared to draft Russians because of the KHL threat?
Yes, but that will not stop teams from drafting Russian players.

What goes on during the “psychological testing”? What kinds of questions are asked?
Teams are trying to get feel for kids character/personality traits/maturity/interests/likes/dislikes etc etc. One regular question is “If you won million dollars what would be the 1st thing you do?” A good answer would be to look after their parents & a bad answer would be to buy Mustang car with 500 horsepower.

Why is psychological testing and interviews such an important part of scouting?
Its very important because of the amount of money and time teams are looking to invest in each kid they draft. Teams use these test to try and determine the core components of a person’s psychological problems, learning disabilities, personality, IQ, or some other components. It is also a process that helps identify not just weaknesses of a person, but also their strengths.

You often hear the term “intangibles” used often. What are intangibles?

They are the little things a player brings to the game to help their teams win – Such as work ethic, hits, blocked shots, giveaways, takeaways, etc.

Thank you for your time!

Photo used with permission.

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