Flyers rather quiet prior to trade deadline

When the name Paul Holmgrem comes to mind you think trades and acquisitions – weird and questionable ones especially – but the only move the Philadelphia Flyers made on Wednesday was trading Andrej Meszaros, 28, 6’2”, 223lbs to the Boston Bruins. In return Philly is getting Boston’s 2014 3rd-round pick. The word among the orange & black fans is that the Flyers did not get much for the talented defenseman except cap space available for eventual acquisitions of free agents this summer. That’s what Holmgrem is going for in my opinion. He usually does. The team needs to rebuild their defense as Timonen is on his way out and it is their main weakness at the moment.

The departure of Meszaros did not leave an empty spot at the defense. On Tuesday the Islanders traded Andrew MacDonald to the Flyers for center Matt Mangene, their 2014 3rd-round pick and 2015 2nd-round pick. Honestly I have no idea who Matt Mangene is. All I know is that there is a lot of depth at the position of center in the Flyers’ organization with Scott Laughton and Nick Cousins around the corner. As for MacDonald, 27, 6’1”, 190lbs, he is a reliable player who is devoted 100% every game. With a good size and reach he can hit and punish. He never scored more than 5 goals in one season and he never played a full season except for this year so far. He played against Washington last night, collected an assist and was a plus-2 in a bit more than 18 minutes on ice. He is a good acquisition in terms of rejuvenating the defense core and in trying to eliminate errors in the defensive zone. Something Meszaros was guilty of at times. Let’s say that many fans are not sad to see him gone. I always liked him.

Of course what would be the trade deadline be without illogical scenarios from the legion of ”general mangers” on Twitter? The best one I read was Kesler for Giroux. The ”rumor” that scared me the most was the one sending Brayden Schenn and Samuel Morin to Vancouver for Ryan Kesler. As a huge fan of Schenn I don’t want him gone. Not for Kesler anyway.

To sum it up there were only two transactions involving the Flyers out of all the 40 trades since the beginning of February until 3pm on Wednesday. They are generally more busy during free agency time. Plus the team is doing relatively well considering their poor beginning of season. I expect a huge signing this summer. ”We” are still thinking about that offer sheet to Shea Weber and how things could be different with him in Philadelphia. Hopefully someone else will come along. In the meantime the Flyers will remain with their current roster for the remaining of the season and hopefully the playoffs.

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