Goodbye Marty: My reaction as a Lightning fan to the trade of Martin St. Louis


I’m heartbroken and angry. I’m heartbroken to lose a man that gave his heart and soul to this team and this community for 13 years. I’m angry, not but at Marty. I’m angry all the fans that have been bad mouthing Marty despite 13 years of devotion to this team and this community. I’m angry at Yzerman for the way he handled this situation.

Marty is a wonderful man. His leadership skills far outshined Vincent Lecavalier’s in recent years. He should have become captain a long time ago. He is a shining example of what can happen if you work hard to achieve your dreams. He was undrafted because he was too small, but still managed to make it to the NHL and win a Stanley Cup. I don’t blame him for requesting a trade after Yzerman left him off the initial Olympic roster. For every hockey player, winning an Olympic medal is a dream and to lose that dream twice after putting years and years of hard work and being more than qualified, had to be devastating. However, to say that that was the ONLY reason he requested a trade is absolutely absurd.

Marty has won two Lady Bing trophies and was still gracious and classy when he made a statement to the fans/media about the trade. In an interview with Fox in Tampa,  and in a letter to fans Marty thanked fans for their support and came across as very melancholy. Despite both of those statements saying that family was a big part of the decision, many fans, including some local journalists proceeded to bash him.  They called him a crybaby, prick and douchebag just to name a few. They said he chose a personal vendetta against Yzerman over acting like a team player. This makes me angry because like I mentioned before knowing what I know about Marty’s character, that would not be the only reason for his request. Of course the media doesn’t see it that way because this personal vendetta story makes for “better” journalism. The fans are blindly believing the crap that makes for “better” journalism and can’t seem to think for themselves and realize that Marty is a real person with a real family and could possibly leave Tampa for any other reason.

My anger is just magnified by the way Yzerman handled the situation. I already dislike Yzerman but after watching his press conference after the trade was announced, I absolutely hate him.  He talked about a “new era” in Lightning history now that every player from the 2004 Stanley Cup team and the smug look on his face made it seem like this was the final stage of his evil plan to purge Tampa of all of our beloved players under the guise of making the team better. He acted like he was glad Marty requested a trade, even though his words said otherwise. It was no secret that Marty and he didn’t have the best relationship. When asked if the snub had an effect on Marty’s choice to request a trade, Yzerman responded by saying snub means to ignore and that they didn’t ignore anyone. In fact, snub can also mean “reject with disdain or contempt.”  During the press conference, the phrase “the best thing for the organization” kept coming up and I can’t help but wonder how the rest of the team will handle this and keep pushing toward the playoffs. Stamkos is feeling a lot right now, as he made clear in an interview. He feels the pressure leading this team, as well as the loss of a good friend and teammate. All of this happening after finally being cleared to play after being injured for 4 months.

As far as Callahan is concerned, I don’t see him making that much of a difference. The Lightning still suck on defense although Thor aka Michael Kostka could help that situation. It will be interesting to see if the Lightning will make the playoffs without Marty

Overall, I’m bummed that Marty is gone and the Lightning didn’t get anything to help the team in return except for some draft picks that won’t be NHL ready for 5 years. I grew up supporting the Lightning, but this is Florida, not Canada. People won’t keep buying tickets and merchandise if it is going to take 3 years or more for the system Yzerman has been building to start making the team a constant contender for the Cup. With only Stamkos left to be the face of the franchise will the franchise be profitable enough to last until then?  Only time will tell.

Good Luck to Marty in New York.

P.S Here is the picture of the smug look on Yzerman’s face



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One thought on “Goodbye Marty: My reaction as a Lightning fan to the trade of Martin St. Louis

  1. Written way too emotionally. St. Louis didn’t belong on the Olympic team and showed it once he got there. Claude Giroux deserved that spot and would have contributed. St. Louis was invisible all tournament in the games that he dressed. If that trade was made without all the drama surrounding it, you would look much more favourably upon it. Callahan is a solid if unspectacular 2nd line NHLer, and is 10 years younger then St. Louis. The 2014 1st round pick was flipped to get two very, very good prospects in defencemen Masin & MacLeod, and they still have the 1st rd. pick this year. Had St. Louis retired in Tampa with nothing to show for his final years, that would have been poor asset management and Yzerman would have drawn more criticism for letting an opportunity to better his organization lapse. My personal opinion of St. Louis aside (I think he’s an arrogant, aging former star who felt entitled to something, and when he didn’t get it, that sense of entitlement caused him to pout and get his nose out of joint towards his boss), he owed the organization and fans more respect. He was fully aware that the stance that he took and the demands that he made it look like he wanted everyone to know that he was blaming Tampa/Yzerman for the downturn in the relationship. Remember, Tampa is the organization that gave him an NHL career when Calgary had him buried in the minors. He owed the city and organization the respect to leave without turning it into a spectacle. Instead he took the “look at poor me and my family” approach. I understand that personal life can be private, but he owed the city more than he gave them. You’re the first person that I’ve ever heard describe Steve Yzerman as smug or suggest that he is arrogant. I’ve followed his career for 30 years and have found him to be professional from the start. Yzerman had a job to do with Tampa, and a job to do with team Canada. The two were mutually exclusive. St. Louis wasn’t able to realize that and turned it into a circus. You stated that St. Louis had dreamed of representing his country. So had dozens of other Canadian NHLers. Unfortunately, St. Louis made the mistake of feeling that the spot should have been handed to him because his boss shared the same title with both teams.

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