Interview With Dylan Larkin!

Photocreds: Tom Sorensen

Photocreds: Tom Sorensen

We recently caught up with US National Team Development Program’s Dylan Larkin! He hasn’t been drafted yet, but he’s what you would call a top prospect! Currently ISS Hockey projects him as the 22nd Overall pick in the upcoming draft! Here’s what ISS has about him (This is last month’s ranking, which had him at 23rd Overall):
He’s a great guy, so make sure to follow him on Twitter: @DylanLarkin39! You can also follow me on Twitter: @hkyblogger, and “like” us on Facebook here as well:

Without further to do, here is our interview with Dylan Larkin!
As per usual, we are in bold.

What’s your game day schedule like?
Usually wake up and eat as much as I can (eggs and fruit) then relax and stretch out, then go to the rink and do some video probably then go home eat a good meal and take an hour long nap.

You chose to play for the NTDP instead of other junior leagues, why did you choose that path?
Because it is the best place to play and develop for any American kid that wants to play in the NHL.

What’s the best part about playing for the NTDP?
The best part is putting on the USA jersey every day and all the traditions that come along with the NTDP

You are committed to the University of Michigan next year. Why did you choose Michigan over any other school?
I have always been a University of Michigan fan and to attend the school and play hockey is a dream come true!

This is your draft year, how do you maintain your focus knowing that NHL teams are looking at you?
Just continue playing and working hard to get better everyday. And you get so caught up in the game and the procedure and strategies it doesn’t really matter by puck drop!

If an NHL team asked you to list your biggest strengths and areas you’d like to improve upon, what would you say?
I would say my biggest strengths are my skating and hockey sense and also bringing something to table to help my team win every night. And I’m always working to make every part of my game better but right now I’m really working on getting stronger and putting the puck in the net.

What has been your biggest hockey achievement so far?
It has for sure been making the USNTDP

Rapid Fire Questions
Favorite TV show?
NHL Tonight

Biggest pet peeve (thing that annoys you)?
Loud chewing

Last movie you saw?
Lone Survivor

Food you dislike the most?

Four things you can’t live without?
Hockey, my teammates, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Candy Crush

Why did you choose to play hockey?
I followed my brother onto the ice.

Final Questions
What is your advice for aspiring hockey players?
Enjoy everything about the game and listen to your coaches

Who, in your opinion, should we interview next from your team?
Anders Bjork

Thank you for your time.

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