Get To Know Rob Schremp!

SchrempWe did this a few weeks back, but we somehow forgot to post this. So here it is! We caught up with Rob Schremp of the EV Zug of the NLA! Previously, Rob has played in the NHL for the Thrashers, Oilers, and the Islanders. If you don’t know, he’s actually super creative! Here’s some clips of his shooutout magic: (sticktap to rs44ap12 for the video!). He’s actually a great follow on Twitter and you can follow him here: @RobSchremp, and you can also “like” him on Facebook here:! You can also “like” us on Facebook here: and you can follow me on Facebook @HkyBlogger!

Without further to do, here is our interview with Rob Schremp!
As per usual, we are in bold.

So first question, how has your day been?
My day has been good, just finished the first weekend of the season pulling off a win after being down 3-0 and we took the top team in the league to overtime in their rink, so all and all it’s a pretty good day so far.
So what’s it like to play in hockey in Zug in comparison to the NHL? Is there a more intimate feeling with the fans?
The fans in Zug are very passionate and very supportive; the games have a bit of a soccer game feel to them with all the chants and drums being played. I find it to be a bit more intimate with the fans in the sense that we live in a smaller city where in the NHL most teams are in bigger cities and a lot of people. Both experiences have been great, in the NHL and now here in Zug.
Do you get recognized on the street like you would in North America in Zug?
Probably more in Zug.
Have you ever had a really awkward interaction with a fan?
Not really to be honest, nothing comes to mind.
What has been the hardest transition between playing in the NLA and the NHL?
The ice surface is much bigger in the NLA and which creates a lot of speed, the game in Switzerland is very fast.
So is there a lot more attention in training towards fitness and conditioning versus the NHL?
I would say that they are pretty equal in importance on both sides of the pond; only difference here is that training camp is 6 weeks long.
In the NHL, was there one team you loved playing against more than any other team?
The team I liked playing against most was either Chicago Blackhawks with all three stars and my good buddy Dave Bolland and the Detroit Red Wings.
Best part about playing in Zug?
Very good fans and the travel is light.
Worst part?
There are no worst parts.
Highlight of you career?
Scoring a baseball style goal in Colorado
Here’s video of the “baseball style goal”!

(stick tap to hockeybuzztv for the video)
Lowlight of your career?
Not getting picked up after Atlanta.

The next part is more of a rapid fire round. A few more random questions, but this is where the fan gets to learn about you!
Favourite food?

Lobster hands down
Any pre game superstitions?
I like to go out on the ice in my shoes before the warm-up and mess around
What on your iPod right now?
Dave Mathews, Matt Kearney, pretty mellow stuff like Coldplay.
Did you play any other sports growing up?
I played almost every sport, football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and wrestling.

Final questions:
Who should we interview next?
Dave Bolland
Advice for aspiring hockey players?
Practice the small things of the game, passing shooting and skating as much as possible

Thanks for your time!
Photocreds: Skype, used with permission.

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