Top 5 Under 25: #1 Steven Stamkos + Final Notes


So if you’ve been following the Top 5 Under 25, you really shouldn’t be surprised at this pick for number one.  It’s Tampa Bay phenom Steven Stamkos! Since being drafted 1st Overall in the 2008 NHL Draft, he has been nothing short of a superstar. In my honest opinion I think he is the second best player in the league, right behind Sidney Crosby.  Since he’s been in the NHL he has won two Maurice Richards, been a NHL 2nd Team All Star, 2x NHL All Star, played in the 2008 WJHC, 2009 World Ice Hockey Challenge, and 2013 World Championship. Oh yeah did I mention he’s only 23?

So here’s how we voted for him:


He’s a former 1st overall pick and is showing people why he deserved to be a first overall pick. A former fifty goal scorer,  he is often now in the debate in who is the best player in the league? For many years, the argument was between Alex Ovechkin, and Sidney Crosby. The argument nowadays is, “Is Crosby, Ovechkin or Stamkos the best?”


So, that’s how it is, Steven Stamkos is our number #1 player under 25 years old! Do you agree with us? Let us know! Comment below!

So just a recap on how the voting went,


Who’s voting  do you agree with? Let us know! Comment below!

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