Top 5 Under 25: #3 Jonathan Toews

At Number Three of our Top 5 Under 25 rankings we have Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews! Jonathan Toews is the captain that doesn’t lead by talking, he leads by doing. At just the tender age of 25 (Yes our “Under 25” includes 25.), he has already led the Blackhawks to two Stanley Cup wins, and is the youngest member of the Triple Crown Club (Olympic Gold Medal, Stanley Cup, World Hockey Championship). Just a little back story, he was drafted 3rd Overall in 2006 right after Erik Johnson and Jordan Staal. He’s a great passer, a great shooter, a great two way player, oh and did I mention a great captain? Oh he’s also good at shootouts too…

See for yourself: (sticktap to xXxCrosby87Xx for the video)

Here’s how we ranked Jonathan Toews:
Toews List

Need I say more? I had him ranked at six, as the top player, and I personally feel if I explained it better that 25 year old were still considered for this, he would have been second at lowest, or everyone would have given him a rank, don’t you think? Let me know! Comment below!

Some people will say that he’s only won two Stanley Cups because of his really strong supporting cast of Patrick Sharp, Duncan Keith, Patrick Kane, etc. But Toews has been the leader of the group, and in my personal opinion, the Blackhawks would have had zero Stanley Cups in four years. He is the glue of the team. He’s the leader that any team would want to have (that will be clear in a week).

Do you think Jonathan Toews is in the right spot? Is he in the wrong spot? Where should he be? Let us know! Comment below! Tweet me @hkyBlogger, and “like” us here:

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