Top 5 Under 25: #4 Patrick Kane, Taylor Hall

In fourth place, we have a tie! Both Taylor Hall and Patrick Kane scored 10 points each! Hall was drafted 1st Overall in the 2010 Draft! He is a star, but in my own personal opinion, could have and should have been a superstar. However, recent injuries have derailed the path to superstar-dom. Kane on the other hand, I personally feel is a superstar, but isn’t the focal point of the team, due to Jonathan Toews’ abilities.

Without further to do, here is how we ranked both Taylor Hall and Patrick Kane:
Hall Kane List


When I think of Taylor Hall, I think of, speed, a wicked wrist shot, and when he took a skate to the eye. (Photo below not for the squeamish)


Coming out of the Windsor Spitfires, he was projected to be a franchise player, a player that would be a perennial All-Star, a player that could lead a team on his back, and he’s become all that. He along with Jordan Eberle, and to a certain extent, Ryan Nugent Hopkins, have led the Oilers throughout the last few years. My one question mark for him is his durability. He played 45 of 48 games last season, which is great on its own, but the two years before that, he missed 17 and 21 games respectively. If he remains healthy, he will remain a dominant force in the NHL for a long, long time.

Patrick Kane.


How ridiculous is he with the puck? See for yourself:

If you’re not a big shootout guy either, have you seen him stickhandle? It’s just crazy. Again, you don’t have to believe me, but you should see for yourself:

I’m sorry Bauer, if the stick is what allows me to stickhandle like that, the stick would be back ordered for the next twenty years. Drafted 1st Overall, he along with captain Jonathan Toews have become one of, if not the most dangerous pair to play against. I don’t have many concerns on whether or not he will be a superstar, because he already is one! He’s durable, scores, passes, and is only getting better. Don’t believe me? In 2011-2012 he played all 82 games and scored 66 points (0.81PPG), but in 2012-2013, he played 47 (out of 48) games, and scored 55 points (1.17PPG)! Now do I expect him to have 100 points this year? No. But do I think there is a definite possibility that could happen? Yes. Can Patrick Kane be a dominant force in the NHL for a long, long time like Taylor Hall? Yes.

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