Top 5 Under 25: Honorable Mentions!

As we said in our introduction, we had a grand total of 21 players were suggested by our team memebers as the best players Under 25 years old. Now we are only looking for the top five, so there were some left over players. Here are the leftover players, and who voted for them:

Check it out! Do you have any other differences from our lists? Let us know!

Check it out! Do you have any other differences from our lists? Let us know!

So Andrew Allsman of had Alex Pietrangelo listed as the 4th best player under 25 years old and this is his rationale, “Since I have had the opportunity to watch Alex Pietrangelo play on a consistent basis over the past few seasons, I thought he would be a good choice for me to discuss. In my opinion, Pietrangelo is the best young defenseman in the game, and my guess is he wins the Norris Trophy within the next few seasons. Pietrangelo, 23, has two full seasons in the National Hockey League. In both, he has posted 40-plus points. Last season, Pietrangelo had 24 points in 47 games. But it’s not all about putting up points. Pietrangelo is a player that makes his teammates better. He does the discreet and underappreciated things such as holding pucks in at the line, making smart outlet passes, etc. Not only is Pietrangelo a weapon on offense, but he also has a strong defensive game. Pietrangelo is very likely going to turn into an elite NHL defenseman. It would not be a surprise to see the man dubbed as ‘Petro’ go on to become the game’s best defenseman in the relatively near future.”

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