Top 5 Under 25


So something special for all of you guys! We compiled a team of six people and we decided to ask them who their Top 8 players Under 25 years old is. Now you may ask, why eight? I thought you said “Top 5 Under 25”! We, well I decided that we wanted to do some honorable mentions, so I asked for eight players. We got a grand total of 21 players spanning from B to V. We’re not going to tell you the players right now, but we’re going to tell you the six team members that put in input on to the list.

They are:
Kevin Yu  (@Kevs_yu)
Andrew Allsman (@STLBluesWriter You can also read his stuff here:
Geoffrey Tai
Kyle Chan (@Kyle_chan45)
Shirley Tran (@shuurls)
Alson Lee (@HkyBlogger)

How it’s done:
Each team member hands in a list stating eight different names. The eight names involves the Top 5 Under 25, and three more names that the team member thinks should be honorable mentions. The top ranked player gets six points, 2nd gets five, 3rd gets four, and so on. The three honourable mentions each get one point each instead of zero points, since it sounds better right?

When will everything be done?
We will have one post a day, until Number 1 is released! So sit back, and check often!

What is your criteria?
Our rankings are judged on current value of player, current skill of player, and the immediate (1-2 years) potential of the player!

Who is your Top 5 Under 25? Let us know! Tweet me @HkyBlogger, comment below!

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