Team Canada Roster Predictions 2.0!

I know, I know, our writer mattobrien425 has already written a piece, but I thought heck why not! I’ll write one too! So here’s my lineup for Team Canada! If you disagree on it, make sure to comment below! You can also “like” our Facebook page here:! You can also follow me on Twitter: @HkyBlogger!

1st Line:
Tavares – Crosby – Stamkos
Reasoning: You get some crazy amount of speed out of those three, and all three have tremendous offensive abilities.

2nd Line:
Perry – Toews – Sharp
Reasoning: Any other team, and Toews is your 1st line center, but Crosby is definitely your 1st line center if you’re Canada. You have two wicked shots with Sharp and Perry, and a very strong playmaker in Toews. They will provide a very strong second wave of scoring behind the 1st line. Against weaker teams, I can see the 2nd line scoring most of the goals.

3rd Line:
Richards – E.Staal – Carter
Reasoning: Carter and Richards are magic when they’re together, so it seems like good idea to pair them up together no? Staal had the fifth most faceoff wins this year (behind Giroux, Toews, Bozak, Bergeron). He is reliable in the 3rd line role where his main objective is to win faceoffs.

4th Line:
Lucic – Getzlaf – Nash
Reasoning: All three of these guys are huge. They can easily wear down a lot of teams, and would sort of be the “goon” line. Yeah yeah, there’s no such thing as goons at the Olympic level, but these guys can still make the other team uncomfortable easily, especially Lucic…

1st Line:
Doughty – Weber
Reasoning: Both very solid d-men. They’re very steady and do not crack under the pressure.

2nd Line:
Keith – Seabrook
Reasoning: They have their whole chemistry thing going here. Why would you want to break it up?

3rd Line:
Letang – Subban
Reasoning: This pairing can be very important if Canada is trailing. The two are both offensively minded, and can easily lead the Olympics in scoring by a defenseman. Not very strong defensively, but offensively, both can light the lamp.

Corey Crawford
Reasoning: Tough one here… I’m thinking Crawford, since he did win the Stanley Cup right..?

Carey Price
Reasoning: He’s the future of Canada goaltending, so it doesn’t hurt for him to play along right?

Roberto Luongo
Reasoning: The elder statesmen remains. If the two goalies both can’t play well, Mike Babcock knows that he has a reliable goalie that doesn’t choke in the Olympics (unlike the Stanley Cup Finals).

It’s Russia, so I’m going to bring a few more players along.

Joe Thornton
Reasoning: I know Canada has a bunch of centers, but I’d bring him along just in case Getzlaf gets hurt. He’s a big guy, and would fit in well in the 4th line role. He also has a bunch of experience he can pass on to the rest of the team.

Logan Couture
Reasoning: He’s a great playmaker, and it would be a great experience for him, and to take everything in for 2018.

Taylor Hall
Reasoning: See Logan Couture, but change playmaker to scorer.

Jay Bouwmeester:
Reasoning: Sort of like Joe Thornton and his experience thing, but he’s also a minutes muncher, he could be very good if one defenseman looks like he can’t handle the pressure very well.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

One thought on “Team Canada Roster Predictions 2.0!

  1. Bergeron, St Louis and Giroux will make it over Lucic, Sharpe and Carter.
    A line of St. Louis, Crosby, Stamkos, just screams goals. Getzlaf and Perry have to play together as well, throw Toews on a line with them and there’s a #2 line. Taveres, Giroux and Hall as a #3 and then Richards, Bergeron and Nash for a #4. Also I’d pick Marchand over Lucic, at least Brad would score as well as annoy the other teams. And he’d be the 13th foreward.

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