Solutions To The Leafs’ Problem

If I was Dave Nonis, I wouldn’t be happy either… Photocreds:

The Leafs currently have two Restricted Free Agents (RFA) left and according to Capgeek, have $4,895,833 in Cap Space. It’s not currently known what D Cody Franson is seeking, but it is known  that F Nazem Kadri is looking for a “home run contract”. In my opinion a “home run contract” is valued at $4-4.5 million. If you disagree with that amount, make sure to comment below on what you think a “home run contract” is. If Kadri is looking for a $4.5M, that means the Leafs will have $395,833 left for Franson. which is below the league minimum set at $550,000. So what can the Leafs do? Well we thought of a few options, and we’ve decided to list them out! Let us know what you think the Leafs should do or what the Leafs can do by commenting below! If you like our stuff, make sure to share with your friends, or “like” us on Facebook here: !

A realistic way to solve this problem will be through trades. Looking at the Toronto Maple Leafs, there are a few players with some trade value. I will assume that Franson is looking at a $3M contract, so the Leafs will have to clear out approximately $3M. Looking at the list of players, I’m going to speculate a bit, but if I were a opposing GM, I would inquire about the availability of Carl Gunnarsson, Nikolai Kulemin, and possibly a mix of Mark Fraser, Jake Gardiner, and more. I know the idea of not having any of those players is not something Leaf fans want to hear, but it’s the reality of the situation. A trade of Gunnarsson for a draft pick, would immediately solve the problem of the cap, but opposing GM’s know that the Leafs are having trouble with the cap and can easily ask unreasonable prices for these players. If you were to do a trade to free up cap space, what would you do? Comment below!

Sticking With The Qualifying Offers:
This one is completely crazy I know, but it’d work. Nazem Kadri and Cody Franson both were tendered qualifying offers so that the Leafs can keep them as RFA’s. According to Capgeek’s calculator, Kadri’s qualifying offer was valued at $850,500, and Franson’s at  $1,200,000. Technically, if both Kadri and Franson holdout, they would have to rejoin the team on December 1st, and be paid the qualifying offer for the remainder of the year. Obviously this is not the ideal situation, because they would be missing 27 games. Also, Leafs fans can basically be saying good bye to the players. They’re not coming back. It also runs the risk of teams with tons of cap space, placing an offer sheet on one of the players *cough Jay Feaster cough*.  Let’s just say that someone signs an offer sheet to Kadri for $4.5M and the Leafs do not match, the Leafs would receive a 1st and 3rd round pick in the 2014 Draft. Would you do it? Comment below!

“Wade Redden” It:
Since crazy ideas, don’t hurt, here’s another one. It’s true that players can no longer be buried in the minors like what the Rangers did with Wade Redden, but sending players down to the minors may help with some of the pressure. Capgeek calculates that a player with a one way contract would have a cap hit calculated as:  cap hit – (minimum salary + $375,000). In this case, the cap hit would be calculated as, cap hit – ($525,000 + $375,000), or cap hit – ($900,000). If the Leafs were to bury the contracts of lets say, Paul Ranger and Colton Orr, that would save the Leafs, $1.8M. However, they would be exposed to waivers, so again, this is a risky move. But hey, high risk – high reward!

That’s all the ideas I have, how about you? Let’s hear some! Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Solutions To The Leafs’ Problem

  1. Leafs just resigned Gunnarsson to a 3 year deal. Same with Fraser except its a one year deal. Would look bad on Nonis and the organization to trade them. Gardiner isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Kulemin might be the only viable trade option but we wouldn’t get much. Kadri would be stupid to hold out after a half season breakout performance. In a perfect world he’d sign a 1, maybe 2, year deal for $3 million a piece and Franson would sign for just under 2 for one year as well. If they continue to perform like last year you think about trading Phaneuf to a team like Edmonton for a pick and prospect to free up room to sign these guys long term and Kessel when his contract’s up next year.

  2. The don’t have to accept the qualifying offer, teams have until dec 1st to sign RFAs or they cannot play, or sign anywhere else in the league until next FA day.

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