Significant Free Agents Yet To Sign

We’re in the awkward time of the year where the main part of free agency is done, and the beginning of training camp hasn’t started yet. There are still a few significant free agents who have yet to sign, so let us refresh your memory just a little bit!


Mikhail Grabovski: Mikhail’s a great player, but he’s certainly not worth the $5.5M he was getting before. I’d predict he will get somewhere along the lines of $3-4M. KHL may be an option, but I don’t feel like it’s what Grabovski wants. The KHL will probably offer more money for him, but I feel that Grabovski’s got a chip on his shoulder and feels that he needs to do well this year to prove the Leafs’ management wrong.

Damien Brunner: He was sensational as a rookie for the Detroit Red Wings. As a 27 year old rookie, had had 12 goals and 14 assists in 44 games. There isn’t a lack of interest for the Swiss forward, but he is rumored to be asking for a pay day in the range of $3M. He’s worth closer to $2M in my opinion, but that’s just my opinion. What’s yours? Comment below!


Eh, there’s not any big names to be honest…


Ilya Bryzgalov: Well, well, well…

Everyone’s favourite goalie turned astronaut currently doesn’t have a job. It’s rumored that he has a KHL offer on the table. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he gets signed a couple days before camp. Not for much money, but hey, he’s earning $1.643M a year for the next 14 years to not play for the Flyers. He could end up in a platoon role for the starter for a team, but off the top of my head, can’t think of one…

Tim Thomas: He’s back right? He’s probably going to get an offer like Bryzgalov, probably in the back up role, but you never know right? *cough Philly cough*.  If not it wouldn’t surprise me if he decides to retire.

Honorable Mentions:

Chad LaRose: I know Chad isn’t the flashiest player, and most people wouldn’t put them on their list, but the story is interesting. According to a column written by Luke DeCock of, the forward has disappeared. GM Jim Rutherford has been trying to get in touch with him, but has not been able to since the end of the season. You can read the full article here:

Teemu Selanne: Everyone knows if he’s going to sign with a team, its going to be the Anaheim Ducks. It’s just curious to know if he will sign with the team.

Did we miss anyone? Comment below!

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