Let’s Meet Chris Bruton!

Have you seen that video? Shoutout to RobDm1 on Youtube by the way. Well if you have, the name Chris Bruton should be familiar to you. The former captain of the Spokane Chiefs took time out of his day to talk to us. After Spokane, he went on to play for Acadia, of the AUS/CIS. To our readers who may not understand what the CIS is, it’s basically the NCAA of Canada. He recently signed a contract with the New York Islanders. Since it was a two way contract, there is hope he may be able to play for the big league team one day. You can follow him on Twitter: @ChrisBruton1987. You can follow me on Twitter: @HkyBlogger and “like” us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/notyouraveragehockeyblog

As per usual, we are in bold.

How has your day been?
Day has been great, nothing better than summer, except playoff hockey in the summer!
What’s a day in the life of Chris Bruton?
Day in the life is pretty simple, up early and to the track or rink, and then to the gym for a couple hours.  I am a pretty big exercise/outdoors fanatic, so I love to golf, fish, boat, road bike pretty much anything to keep me busy.
What’s something people don’t know about you?
Something people wouldn’t know about me? Really into road biking, even done a few triathlons.
You’re considered a grittier player, but with your final season at Spokane, you seem to have found a scoring touch, scoring 63 points in 67 games. What sparked the scoring touch?
The scoring touch was sparked because I played on an incredible team and with two unbelievable line mates Drayson Bowman and Mitch Wahl. Confidence and ice time is every players biggest struggle in hockey and I was able to get a lot my final year.
You know I was going to ask this. What happened to the Memorial Cup? Can you take us through it?
The cup breaking was honestly like seeing a ghost! Except that the cup breaking actually did happen.  All I can say is that I was as shocked as everyone else. But you have to win it to break to so I can live with being on a championship team that will be remembered forever.
You’re the first player that I’ve interviewed that has played in the AUS, what’s that like?

The AUS or I should say the CIS is a very underrated league.  There are quite a few players coming out and moving there way up.  It is however a lot longer and more difficult of a road, the programs are definitely not up to par with junior or pro nor is the development so a lot is based on the individual and their own work ethic and motivation.
Is there a difference between playing in the WHL and the AUS?
There is a large difference between playing junior and AUS. For one the schedule, travel and treatment are professional grade in the WHL.  That league preps and develops the individual to become a professional hockey player.  Video, weight training and skating are all developing skills that Junior teaches you and pushes you every day to be better.  In the AUS or where I was it was very much up to the individual, the program or coaches run a more relaxed and cavalier hockey program.  The facilities, schedule, and all around atmosphere are not even close.
Is there something that you learnt playing at Acadia University that you wouldn’t have learnt elsewhere?
What I learned from Acadia that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else was how badly I wanted to play hockey professionally.  It drove me to work harder on my own, want it more, and see that my true calling is to be in a position that allows me every day to be the best hockey player I can be.
You played your first full pro season at age 24; which is older than most players. Do you feel like you are the wise rookie?
I knew I could play at the professional level but I also understood coming out of university hockey that there was a lot I needed to learn.  So I wasn’t afraid at all to be a rookie my 1st pro season at 24 and to soak up as much knowledge as I could.
What has been the highlight of your career?

2 things 2008 Memorial Cup Champions with the Spokane Chiefs, and signing my 1st NHL contract with the New York Islanders this past summer.
Your lowlight?
Any hockey player will tell you there have been many lowlights.
How did you persevere from the lowpoint?
Perseverance comes with two pillars holding me up.  1st is the support system of my friends, family, former teammates/coaches/trainers that never stopped believing and pushing me towards my dream.  The second is to Work! Train harder, push harder, and want it more than anyone, that’s how you rise above the lows to get to the highs.
The next part is more of a rapid fire round. Ready?
Favourite Food?

What are you answering this with?
Dog guy or a cat guy?
Dogs over cats 100%
Best way to relax after a tiring game?
Best way to relax after tough game a movie and a tall glass of chocolate milk, love that stuff.
Longest game you’ve ever played?

Longest game ever was WHL semi-finals won in 2nd overtime.
Final questions:
Who should we interview next?

Brett Ponich “pony” great guy even better teammate
Advice for aspiring hockey players?
Advice? Whatever it takes!
Thank you for your time.
Photocreds: Twitter.com

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