Interview With Mirco Mueller!

We recently caught up with Mirco Mueller of the Everett Silvertips! He’s also eligible for the 2013 NHL Draft, and is projected to be drafted in the 1st or 2nd round. He score 6 goals and 25 assists in 63 games for the Everett Silvertips. The team did not do so well this season, sneaking into the playoffs as the last seed. However, he was a bright spot for the team, having the 2nd most points as a rookie defenseman in the WHL. Who’s 1st in the points standings as a rookie defenseman? None other than Seth Jones. That’s an elite class to be in! He’s a great follow on Twitter and you can do that by following @25Mueller. You can also follow me on Twitter: @HkyBlogger and “like” us on Facebook here:

As per usual, we are in bold

How has your day been? 

Good, thanks.

What’s a day in the life of Mirco Mueller? 

In the summer I work out at a local gym with three other young hockey players. We start at 9 AM and train until 12PM. In the afternoon, I usually relax.

Growing up in Switzerland, was it hard playing hockey in a country where playing hockey isn’t the number one sport like it is in Canada? 

No, it wasn’t. There are still quite a few people who play and are interested in hockey.

Over the last few years, how has the popularity of hockey grown in Switzerland? 

I think with the recent Swiss NHL players it has grown a lot. There’s more and more players who wanna try to make the NHL.

You represented the Swiss National team at the 2013 World Junior Hockey Championship which placed 6th. Can you take us back to that experience and what it felt like? 

It was a great experience with lots of great guys and I’m really thankful for that. Especially after unexpected success came, it made even more fun to play and we really grew as a team. We had a good mix between younger and older players.

You played a bit in the NLA, and then decided to move to Canada to play in the WHL. So why did you choose to move to the WHL? 

I think it’s way more challenging to play against some of the best players in your age. And of course in North America, there’s a lot more attention given to hockey, especially on the junior level.

What was the toughest adjustment to life in Canada when you first moved here? 

I think it was the long bus rides. And maybe the busy game schedule.

In your first season in the WHL, the Everett Silvertips squeaked in to the playoffs with the last seed, what was the end of the season like? The Silvertips weren’t cruising into the playoffs, nor were they playing for nothing but pride. Is it especially taxing? Or is it just a motivator? 

Yes, it definitely gives you extra motivation if you make the playoffs as the last team and to challenge the best seeded team. I think we did all we could do with the possibilities we had. We were quite a young team and barely anybody really had any playoff experience but I was really proud of the team in the end and how we battled through the series. I think we could surprise some people.

This is your draft year and you are expected to go somewhere in the first round. How nervous are you for the draft? 

I’m actually not nervous yet probably because it still seems like a dream. But I’m sure at draft day the nervousness will come.

If I’m a GM for a team and I ask you why I should draft you, what would you say? 

I play a simple game and because of that I can fit into every system. I can see the game well and I’m a good skater. From the back end, I try to create plays and make the forwards better and give them some more time.

When your name is announced, can you please consider doing something fun like a cool handshake with one of your friends instead of all the traditional hugs? 

I will think about it. I hope I’ll still be able to have a clear mind at the exact moment.

The next part is more “random” questions, its something readers can connect to, and maybe they can learn cool about you! It’s rapid fire style, so don’t think, just do.

If a fan meets you on the street and wants to take a picture with you, what are the do’s and dont’s of meeting Mirco Mueller? 

Maybe just be friendly and having a little chat with me. Otherwise I’m pretty open-minded.

One thing you miss about home? 

Chocolate and mountains.

Best thing about Canada? 

The local value of hockey in people’s minds.

Olympic Gold Medal or Stanley Cup? 

Stanley Cup

Ever consider quitting hockey when you were a kid? 

I don’t think so.

xBox or Playstation? 


If you weren’t becoming a hockey player, what would you be aspiring to do when you grew up?

Probably work in an office I don’t know I never thought about that.

 Final questions:

Do you have any advice for aspiring hockey players? 

Just be yourself, work hard and be happy and thankful to be able to play hockey.

Who should we interview next? 

Austin Lotz

Thank you for your time.


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