Let’s Meet Carter Rigby!


We recently caught up with Carter Rigby of the Kelowna Rockets! He’s 2013 Draft Eligible and is projected to go in the mid to late rounds. Not only is he a hockey player, he’s a model for Rock Hockey Training, so you know he’s good looking! Haha! Whether or not he’s single or not, I have no clue so go find out yourself by following him on Twitter: @Rigs94. I’m not a model but you can follow me on Twitter: @HkyBlogger, and you can “like” us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/notyouraveragehockeyblog . 

As per usual, we are in bold.

How has your day been?

The day’s been great. I’m actually in London, Ontario right now getting surgery tomorrow so it was my last to hang out with family. I ended up going to Niagara Falls to see some sights and have a nice family dinner. Now I’m back at the house relaxing.

Surgery? What surgery are you having tomorrow?

I had surgery on my right shoulder five weeks ago and now I’m going for my left shoulder tomorrow.

I assume it’s a nagging injury that you’re getting fixed only because it’s the off season?

Yea pretty much. Something that just needed to get done now rather than wait it out.

Well we wish you a speedy recovery. So what’s a day normal day in the life of Carter Rigby? Non-surgery day?

Ha well I haven’t had a normal day in a while. This off season so far I haven’t been able to do much, can’t work really or do too much in the gym, so it’s usually a run in the morning with a friend or a bike ride in the gym than just hanging out with friends and family. Life is pretty relaxing in at the moment. I get pretty spoiled living in Penticton, BC so the beach is where you could find me any day after workouts.

What’s something people don’t know about you? Something special maybe?

When I was younger, I was entered in to a baseball competition and placed first in my town then went to provincials where I also came first. Then I went to nationals in Toronto and placed 2nd in Canada in my age group.

You worked your way up to the WHL, so what’s the difference between Jr. A and WHL?

I think just the overall talent in general is better than Jr. A. The speed, strength, and professionalism in the Western Hockey League is better in my opinion.  The amount of games we play I feel is more in the Western Hockey League and just playing with so many highly ranked NHL prospects is better, to name a couple things.

What kind of player do you consider yourself?

A power forward with a good shot and hockey sense that can bring some leadership to the room as well.

Are you the quiet leader who does it on the ice, or a vocal leader?

A vocal leader for sure, but I can lead by example on the ice as well.

What’s on thing that makes playing in Kelowna so much better than playing anywhere else?

The fans for sure. But if anyone’s been to Kelowna they know it’s of the nicest cities to live in. Going to the rink in shorts most of the time isn’t bad at all and once you’re done at the rink, you’re off to the beach of to one of the (golf) courses with the guys to enjoy yourself. It’s the perfect size for a junior hockey team and I wouldn’t want to play for any other organization in junior hockey.

You guys had a great regular season this year. What’s the secret to having a great season?

I think it’s just setting goals and sticking to them. We set a goal at the start of the year to win our division and the guys in the room believed in it and we just went out every night and had fun and worked hard. I also have to give credit to every guy just because we had such a tight knit group that really played for each other and wanted to win every night.

So what has been the highest point of your career?

Having back to back hat tricks this year was a pretty cool feeling that I’ll never forget but even though I wasn’t playing, watching the boys this year come back from a 3-0 lead that Seattle had on us was something I wish I could have been on the ice for, but I’ll never forget that.

Lowest point?

Hands down this year when I was told that I was done for the year after only playing 34 games and now having both shoulders worked on.

Would you consider that to be motivation to train harder this summer?

Yes for sure I have to, I won’t have much time to fully train so when I can start, I’ll have to take full advantage of it and push myself to come back stronger and better than last year to make an impact and help my team out and hopefully impress the right people.

So we interviewed a few of your teammates a while back, here’s a chance to embarrass them. Do you have any embarrassing/funny stories about Tyson Baillie or Myles Bell?

What happens in the room stays in the room haha.

Damn. Answer this please. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a bromance is Tyson Baillie and Myles Bell in right now?

Haha I haven’t been around them too much in the summer with them but I give them a solid 8 out of 10. Roommates by day, boyfriends by night.

The next part is a rapid fire round. Don’t think. Just answer. Ready?

Go for it

Favourite food?


Place you’d love to visit?


One crazy thing you want to try?

Sky diving

You win the lottery, how do you spend the money?

Taking all my family and friends to an all-inclusive resort somewhere for a week

Dogs or cats?

Ahh never had a dog only cats so cats but I do like dogs as well.

What’s on your iPod right now?

Time flies Tuesday is pretty big on it right now.

Final questions: Tell us about @RockHockeyT.

It’s a great clothing company run by a girl I work with at the hockey schools in the summer who’s doing really well for herself and hooks me and some of the guys up on our team with some shirts here and there. Highly recommend checking it out!

Haha can you hook me up with a shirt? Kidding! Does @RockHockeyT have a website?

Yes they do. Off the top of my head I can’t think of it but give it a Google search and look away!

Editor’s note: Check out Rock Hockey T here: http://www.rockhockeytraining.ca/

Who should we interview next?

Definitely not Ryan Olsen that’s a given but I’d say Riley Stadel. Usually get a good laugh outta him.

Advice for aspiring hockey players?

Have fun is the biggest thing and no matter what remember tomorrow’s a new day. Make memories and enjoy the ride. Work had and never sell yourself short.

Thank you for your time

Thanks a lot.

Photocreds: Twitter.com

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