Lets Meet Myles Bell!


As suggested by Tyson Baillies, we caught up with Myles Bell of the Kelowna Rockets! After going undrafted twice, he’s hoping the third times the charm! He’s currently ranked 46th at the NHL Central Scouting Bureau’s final rankings. After playing the past few seasons as a defenseman, he converted in to right wing, and boy was that as good move. In his first season a a right winger, he racked up 93 points, good for 6th in scoring. He was an important part in the Kelowna Rockets’ 52 win season.  He’s a good follow on Twitter: @My_Ohs29. You can follow me on Twitter: @Hkyblogger and you can “like” us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/NotYourAverageHockeyBlog Got an opinion? Let us know! I read all of the comments!

We are in bold.

So first things first, how has your day been?
It’s been good so far, gonna go enjoy the lake soon.

So what’s a day in the life of Myles Bell?
Not a whole lot, head to the gym in the morning and either head to work or the golf course in the afternoons.

So would you say that the offseason is a lot chiller than the season?
Yeah a little bit, the offseason is as chill as you make it, right now I’m trying to stay busy as much as possible.
So how old were you when you first started playing hockey?
My first organized game I was about 6 years old. But I have been playing on the pond for a couple years prior.

Did you play any other sports growing up?
I golfed a lot; I also gave baseball a try but had some accuracy issues so I stopped playing.

So would you say you’re the best golfer on the team?
I’m up there, wouldn’t say it’s much of an accomplishment after seeing a few guys golf.

Haha! On to your career, what type of player do you consider yourself?
More of a shooter than anything else, I have the ability to run a power play from the back end and I don’t shy away from the physical stuff.

So you sort of do everything?
As complete a player as I can be.

You started as a defenseman and now you’re a forward. Ever thought about playing goalie?
Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to get pucks shot at me 

Why did you switch positions, and was there a reason why you chose left wing?
It was just a move that my coach felt would help the team and it seemed to work. I’m actually right wing, not sure why I’m left wing on the website.

You were 6th in scoring with 93 points. Was there something that really helped with your performance this year?
I think being on a 52 win team really helps with individual stats, but I feel like I was getting shots on net regularly. Whether they went in or created a rebound.

So you’ve played multiple positions, what’s your favourite position to play?
So far I’m enjoying the wing a lot. Don’t see myself going back to defence.

This is your draft year again and you’re ranked 46th in the Central Scouting Services. Are there any nerves?
There are always nerves, but it’s out of my control at this point so I’m just excited to see it play out.

So you we’re invited to the NHL combine, what was that like?
It was a good experience, pretty fun to be around a bunch of players of that calibre for a few days.

Did you learn anything you wouldn’t have learnt elsewhere?
No not really, kind of just get to see firsthand what the week is all about. Other than that you get to meet some pretty interesting people.

So what do you think is your biggest asset as hockey player?
I’d have to say my shot for sure.

Thing you need to work on?
Always need to improve on my defensive game, little things like picking pucks up off the wall give me trouble at time.

As you are aware, we interviewed your teammates Jordon Cooke and Tyson Baillie. And we were told that Jordon is pretty soft. On a scale of 1-10 how soft is Jordon Cooke?
At least 12, he’s probably telling girls he loves them on a 2nd date. Pretty fun to bug him about, he takes the abuse well.

Haha at least he’s a good sport! I tried to get Tyson to tell me something embarrassing about you, but he said you’d beat him up. Are you bullying Tyson Baillie?
Haha more of a mutual respect.

So if I give you the opportunity to embarrass either of them…
They were nice to me in their interviews so I think I’ll cut them a break this time.

So the next portion is a rapid fire round.
Sounds good

Favourite food?

What’s on your iPod?

Starbucks or Timmies?

Favourite donut at Timmies?
Honey dip

Backyard barbecue or Fancy dinner?
Backyard barbecue

Watch the movie or read the book?
Watch the movie 

Final questions:
Who should we interview next?
Jackson Whistle

Any advice for aspiring hockey players?
Make sure you’re always having fun

Thank you for your time

 Photocreds: ShootTheBreeze.ca


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