Interview with Jordon Cooke!


We recently had a little  chat with Jordon Cooke of the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL. He talked about many different things, from his jersey number, to having references with Tumblr! Jordon just completed his third year of WHL hockey. In his third year, he fully took over the role of starter, playing 54 of the Rocket’s 72 games, and winning 37 of them. He’s a great guy and a great follow as well! You can follow him @CookeMonster30! You can follow me on Twitter: @HkyBlogger. If you love your Facebook, you can “like” us on Facebook here: If you’ve got something intriguing to share, or just want to chat, just comment below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP! 

So without further to do, we are in bold.

How has your day been?

My day has been good. I had a nice flush ride with my workout group this morning and enjoyed some basketball afterwards.

What’s a day in the life of Jordon Cooke?

Nothing too spectacular. I wake up around 8:30 to head to Edmonton for workout with Your Hockey Gym for a couple hours and then come home to Leduc to either lay low for the day or head to work if I am scheduled in. It’s nice to a have a job where I can keep busy instead of bumming around. It’s also nice to have some money in my pocket.

What kind of goalie do you consider yourself?

I consider myself an athletic goalie now. I use my speed and flexibility to my advantage to try and make saves that seem to be sure goals. I am very athletic and never give up on the puck. When I was growing up I was trained to be very technical and fundamental but with the game changing, we goalies had to change the way we played too.

This year you’ve been playing more games and been given more responsibility, how has that affected you?

I quite enjoy it. I spent my first two years in the Western Hockey League backing up Adam Brown and could not wait to take over. I would examine how Adam prepared for games night in and night out and the ways he would handle certain situations. Taking what I saw from him, I applied it to my game and I believe it really helped me to handle more playing time and more responsibility in the future.

Of all the numbers, is there a specific reason why you wear 30? Or was that just a number given to you?

When I came into the organization and made the roster, 30 was the number given to me. I liked the number however because growing up I used the number 30 several times on many different teams.  To me though it’s just a number; I am more excited and proud to wear the logo on the front.

What’s it like playing with a backup goalie ready to take over as a starting goalie?

It has become a healthy competition. Jackson works extremely hard and pushes me to be my best every day. He makes me battle for the ice time I receive. 

While I was googling you to do some research, I noticed that Tumblr was pretty high up there. Do you have a Tumblr, or do you just have a lot of Tumblr fans?

I may have created a Tumblr in the past. With all these social media sites that became popular over the years, I may have tried Tumblr once or twice in junior high school. Just playing with the Kelowna Rockets, we seem to have a lot of fans all over the country and I think this is what triggers a lot of media posts whether it is the team and I or whatever it may be.

What has been the high point of you career so far?

The highest point of my career would have to be the first round comeback of the 2012/2013 playoffs.  Being down 3-0 in the series to Seattle, we managed to come back and win it in overtime in game 7. It was in our own rink and the atmosphere was so amazing. It was so incredible to be a part of the comeback and a part of history.

Lowest point?

The lowest point in my career must have been my first year of bantam when I was cut from the AAA team. It was the first time I was ever released and really didn’t know how to take it. I was so disappointed in myself for not making it after all the heart I put into making it. However it made me want that position so much more the following year and pushed me to become better.

How did you persevere from that low point?

It pushed me to do my very best in AA and to show they should have kept me. I knew that everything I did that year was going to lead into the next one and that’s where I would get another chance and do whatever it takes.

The next part is a rapid fire round, don’t think, just answer.

There are usually two types of goalies, the weird kind, and the quiet, mellow type. What are you?

Definitely quiet

Favourite TV show?

Rules of Engagement

Facebook or Twitter?


Favourite NHL team?

Edmonton Oilers, hometown team.

Friday night with family, or Friday night with friends?

Friday night with family

Favourite movie?

Semi Pro

Best buddy on the team?

Tyson Baillie

Roomie on the road?

Tyson Baillie or Jackson Whistle

Final questions:

Who should we interview next?

I say Myles Bell; it is always a fun and exciting talking with him.

Any advice for aspiring hockey players?

You control your destiny and to never give up “It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s about the size of fight in the dog.”

Thank you for your time.

Thank you very much for this; it was a pleasure to do this interview!


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