Let’s Meet Nick Walters!

We recently had a chat with Nick Walters! He is part of the St. Louis Blues organization after being drafted by the Blues in 2012 with the 116th pick. He was assigned to his WHL team, Everett Silvertips, where he played 35 games, scoring 1 goal and 9 assists with 70 penalty minutes. At the trade deadline, Walters was dealt to the Brandon Wheat Kings, where he played 29 games, earning nine assists and 36 penalty minutes. His strong season led to a promotion to the AHL’s Peoria Rivermen after the WHL season. He’s a great nice guy, and a great follow on Twitter. You can follow him on Twitter: @NickWalters3. He has Instagram as well! Follow him there! His Instagram account is: @nwally3. You can follow me on Twitter: @HkyBlogger and “like” our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/notyouraveragehockeyblog

Without further to do… Here’s our interview with Nick Walters!

As per usual, we are in bold.

So first things first, how’s your day been?

It’s been going haha just finished my training for the day now. I’m just going to go home and rest 

So people know your name but may not really know things about you, whats something cool most people don’t know about Nick Walters? 

Hmm well let’s see I don’t know. Pretty much just hockey in the summer I like to wakesurf like behind the boat I don’t know, be out at the cabin. On weekends hang out with friends and family nothing too crazy

So what kind of player do you consider yourself to be?

Um more like a solid two way dman, look after my own zone but put up the odd point here and there

Growing up, was there a player you looked up to?

 Well I grew up playing with and against Dane Phaneuf and when we played together in the spring his older brother Dion would come out and Skate with us and help us out so I started looking up to him at a young age

Growing up in St. Albert, were you a Flames fan or an Oilers fan? 

Hahah well I just played my minor hockey there but I did everything else in the big city Edmonton so definitely an Oiler hhah

Take us back to when you were drafted, where were you, what were you feelings, how did you react?

Well I never went to the draft I stayed with my friends and family, and I was very excited I mean it’s every kid’s dream to play in the NHL and the draft is the first part of that so yeah I was very happy and I don’t remember exactly. I think I just smiled and gave everyone hugs lol

What’s one thing about St. Albert that you’ll miss? It can be, but doesn’t have to be hockey related.

Oh I don’t know just my friends most of all

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Well at the end of this year we as the Brandon Wheat Kings didn’t make playoffs so St. Louis called me up to their AHL team and I got to play my first 4 pro games which was very exciting and cool to me

What about your lowest point?

Oh I don’t know. Probably my 17 year old year when I hurt my knee and couldn’t play the last 10 games of the year and I tried to play Game 1 of the playoffs like 85 percent and I shouldn’t of haha

Oh man. Haha. So the next part is sort of a lightning round. Don’t think! Just answer! Ready?


Favourite food?

Roast beef

What’s on your iPod?

Rap, RnB, Dubstep, House, Techno, country, and etc.

Can you cook?

Yes basics

Biggest fear?

Not being able to play hockey

Scariest experience?

Hurting my knee

Fancy dinner or backyard barbecue?

Fancy dinner

Something you’re looking forward to?

St.Louis training camp because we never got to go last year because of the lockout

Last question:

Any advice for aspiring hockey players?

Just to have fun enjoy your time and opportunity and make the most of it

Thank you for your time!

No problem thank you
Photocreds: bobhuntphoto.com

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