Interview With Timo Pielmeier!

We recently caught up with the elusive Timo Pielmeier! He was drafted by the San Jose Sharks in the 3rd Round of the 2007 Draft (83rd Overall). He currently plays in the DEL! He’s a great guy and a great follow on Twitter as well! Follow him on Twitter @TimoPielmeier! You know who else is a good follow on Twitter? Me! Haha! Follow me on Twitter @HkyBlogger. You can “like” us on Facebook here:
Without further to do!
As usual, we are in bold!  
First off, how has your day been?
I have been doing well, I got used to German hockey again and its nice to be playing in the same country as my family lives!
Whats a day in the life of Timo Pielmeier?
In Summer time I go work out in the morning. After lunch we go on the boat (wakesurfing) or go play some golf.
So people know who Timo Pielmeier is, but also don’t know who you are. This might be confusing, so let me explain. People know your name, but not a lot about you. Are there any interesting facts about yourself that would surprise people?
Not really. I am a family kind of guy now that I am home after five years in North America. Its nice spending time with them again cause you’ve missed out a lot, but it was worth it! I would go back anytime if I get a good offer! Hockey is all I live for and especially now in the summertime its important be in the best shape when the season starts, but if youdo your homework (summer workout), there’s no problem to play the way you can!
Growing up, was it difficult playing ice hockey? Germany is generally known for soccer (football) , and I assume football is the sport most played in Germany?
Yes, that’s right especially cause its cheaper all you need is soccer shoes, but hockey is getting bigger every year. The DEL is a very good league and a lot of good and famous hockey players play or played there.
What inspired you to play hockey?
My dad used to play and my brother Thomas Pielmeier also plays. He’s two years older than me I always looked up to him and still do its good to have someone cause you can push each other in summertime.
Who was your favorite player growing up?
I would say Martin Brodeur. I like the old school style.
I love to ask goalies this, what’s it like taking a puck to the mask?
It can hurt, I’m not gonna lie. But the mask I am playing with (Sportsmask), I’ve never had problems with thank god. But i’ve seen goalies get knocked out by a puck…
You’ve played in North America and Europe, what’s the difference besides the size of the rink? Doesn’t have to be hockey related, could be something like, “Hotel rooms were bigger in North America.”
I think hockey is slower here, guys have more time to think, but as a goalie I got more time to move cause the ice is bigger, so for me it wasn’t hard to get back into it.
You were drafted 83rd Overall in the 2007 draft, where were you when you got the call and what was your reaction?
I was at a Roller Hockey tournament when my agent called me. It was a very special day for my family and myself.
I know you aren’t allowed to tell me who was interested in you, but do you know the approximate number of teams interested?
I have no idea to be honest!
You’re the first goalie I’ve ever interviewed to score a goal in a professional game, so what was that like? Can you take us through it?
It was unreal. I always tried it and it finally happened. Its still hard to believe when I see it on video. It was the day before the x-mas break.
Representing Germany nationally, what was that like?
Its always nice to play for your country. Germany has good goaltending and its not easy to get a spot on a team!
Where were you when you got traded? What was your initial reaction?
I was in Elmira (ECHL). I wasn’t surprised cause Anaheim signed other goalies ahead of me I was pretty much waiting for it, but I gotta say I had a great time in the Anaheim Ducks organization I also got traded very well in New Jersey – Albany. I played one game for them against my old team Syracuse and we beat them! That was pretty nice!
What has been your high point in your career?
When I played 2 period for the Anaheim Ducks!
What has been your lowest point?
I would say when I got to training camp and I got sent down to the ECHL
How did you persevere from that point?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
I was working even harder and now I am more than happy to be the goalie of Ingolstadt Panther.
The second half is a “lightning round” there’s no wrong answer, say what’s on your mind!
iPhone or Android? iPhone
What are you answering this on? Macbook
Favourite place to play away from home? Anaheim
Favourite prank you’ve seen or done? Too many
xBox or Playstation? Playstation
Favourite food? Sushi
Backyard Barbecue or Fancy dinner?BBQ
Yay or Nay? Poutine.YAY
Who’s your roomie on the road? David Elsner
What’s on your iPod right now? Tomorrowland Lil Wayne……..
Favourite NHL team? Ducks
What’s better? Winter or Summer? Both
Last questions:

<div>Who should I interview next? Brian Stewart

If there’s on piece of advice you could give to aspiring goalies, what would it be?
Don’t stop believing every day is an opportunity to get better.
Thank you for your time.
No problem


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