Period by Period Analysis of Game 7!

Hey guys! It’s Alson of Not Your Average Hockey Blog here. Some of us have some extra time today, so we’re going to present you with a treat. I’ve invited some friends to help me out today, as we’re going to do a period by period analysis of game 7 between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. We’ll be posting after the end of each period, and at i’ll finish it off after period 3 with my final thoughts. So check often for new news, share with your friends, cause we’ll love you if you do, and comment! We PROMOTE arguing with your friends! As long as its yknow, making sense?

Period 1:
Alright hey guys, Alson here with the 1st Period. I admit, I missed the first five minutes. The score is 1-1. One big thing being mentioned quite a bit is Dennis Sidenberg seems to have an injury. Not too sure what it is right now, seems like a lower body injury. Big blow for the Bruins. With Redden out as well, Claude Julien will be relying quite a bit on Dougie Hamilton and Matt Bartkowski. Toronto needs to take advantage of a younger defenseive core with less experience. Keep up the forecheck and try to force mistakes. If they can force mistakes, it’s only a matter of time till the Leafs take the lead. On the flip side, the Bruins need to keep on passing. Take their time and a good opening will come. This is my part for now. Check back later!

Period 2:

Hey guys, Zain here with the 2nd Period. The score is 2-1. C.Franson has scored both the goals for Toronto and  has a chance of getting a hat-rick.  In my opinion, he is playing outstanding today, he is maintaining his position and scoring whenever it is possible.  Even though the Leafs are taking a lot of hits they are still going on strong especially Grabovski . This is one of the guys that has had a lot of shots and chances but hasn’t been lucky at all with the goals. On the other hand, Rask is definitely trying to keep the Bruins in the game by making some crucial saves. For the Bruins all of those hits are starting to take its effect on the leafs especially on Phaneuf, it looks like he is hurt and tired. For now, it looks good for the Leafs.

3rd Period:
Guess Reimer can’t be called Jesus anymore. Leafs started the third period with Kessel’s goal. However, Boston has been keeping the puck in the Toronto zone the entire time during the period. With this, Boston scored three times and forced overtime into third. Honestly, I thought the Leafs had improved in defense but because of inexperience from the lack of playoffs, they are still unable to deal with the pressure during a lead. Matt Frattin had a breakaway, which would have insured the Leafs a win tonight but Rask made a key save for Boston. Frattin’s goal would have changed many things in this third period. Going to overtime, Leafs need to win their faceoffs, or else they’re out as Reimer cannot bail the Leafs out anymore. Let’s just hope Boston doesn’t succeed in pulling off a Russian comeback.

Alson here again. Good try Toronto, good try. People thought Toronto was going to get destroyed and they made a series out of it. Toronto gave up too many rebounds and they got burnt. Toronto should be proud of their team. To all the people who think they need to blow it up and trade Reimer, open your eyes. This team over achieved like crazy. Reimer has the potential to be a top high end goalie that can steal games. Boston goes on to face New York. This is going to be a fun series.

3rd Period Recap by AKM
What A Period!
As the second period ended, I looked across the room at my dad, a lifelong Leaf fan, and it brought a smile to my face. He leaned back in his beloved chair, let out a big sigh and said, “What a game! How about those Leafs?” I’m sure he was echoing the emotions of Leafs Nation! The Bruins fans, on the other hand, are probably collectively thinking, “How did it come to this?” Is there anything like a game 7 between original six rivals?
The first 3:00 of the third period were not kind to the Bruins. Over the past few games, the Bruins defense made a habit of turning pucks over in their own zone those giveaways turned into scoring chances for the Leafs leading to an early goal by Phil Kessel to put the Leafs up 3-1. A few minutes later Boston’s defense made a mistake inside the Leafs blue line that turned into an odd man rush that the Leafs Nazim Kadri capitalized on, not only making it 4-1 but silencing the Boston faithful at the same time. Nathan Horton scored and made it 4-2 with over ten minutes left in the third period but James Reimer made some big saves immediately following the Horton goal and kept the Leafs on top! Speaking of the Leafs goaltending, I think it would be foolish to mention the mistakes by the Bruins defense without talking about the stellar play of the Leafs young goalie James Reimer! He was spectacular.
The third period has been just like the entire series, UNPREDICTABLE! Just when LeafNation was starting to think about heading to round two, the Game 7 savvy Bruins scored two goals with Rask on the bench and instead of celebrating a round one series win, the Leafs are stunned and trying to regroup for the most exciting thing in the NHL playoffs…Game 7 Overtime! Wouldn’t it be Fitting to see Phil Kessel score in OT in Boston? What a fitting way to end a great series! Boston’s strength going to OT is most definitely their experience, their weakness, their defense! Toronto’s strength heading to OT, their Goalie, their weakness inexperience! As a Habs fan, I have bad memories about game 7 OT in Boston. One thing is for sure, no matter what happens, it’s been a great series!

Game 7 OverTime

Both teams started OT flying! The Leafs had a couple if big chances early but Rask made a huge save to keep the Bruins in it. Everyone is on their feet, nobody wants to make THE mistake! As the overtime continued the Bruins experience really started to show as they took it to the young Leafs getting chance after chance! The Leafs just couldn’t get their bearings and the Bruins best player on both sides of the puck scored the winning goal on a rebound! He tied it, then he won it! Take nothing away from the upstart Leafs as, I believe, there are better days ahead. They were so close to winning this game, I would compare it to “the miracle in Manchester!”
In closing I’ll say that the Bruins leaned on their experience as I eluded to in my third period blog, as well as a couple of huge saves from Tuuka Rask and will now play the New York Rangers in a second straight original six matchup that, based on their games in the regular season, looks like it will be another beauty!

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