Interview With Jon Gillies!


We had some time recently and caught up with Jon Gillies of the Providence Friairs in the NCAA. He’s a big goalie, standing at 6’5. Jon grew up in South Portland, Maine playing high school hockey at multiple schools. Some accomplishments of his career so far include getting drafted by the Calgary Flames (75th Overall, 2012), representing Team USA at the 2011 Ivan Hlinka Tournament, 2nd Team All-American Honors, Gold Medal at the 2013 World Junior Championship, and NCAA Rookie of the Year. On a personal level, I must say, he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever interviewed. He seems like one of the actually down to earth type of people. He’s a great follow on Twitter @JGillies32. Follow me on Twitter, @HkyBlogger, and “like” us on Facebook here:

Without further to do, here is our interview with Jon Gillies. We are in bold.

First things first, how has your day been?
Haha it’s been good.
So we know who Jon Gillies is, but we also don’t who he is. We know you’re name, but nothing about you. Anything cool/unique you could share about yourself? Nothing really cool or unique that I can think of. – I bet there’s something really cool, but really embarrassing he’s too embarrassed to share.
How old were you when you started playing hockey? 
I was 2.
Why goalie?
My grandpa played goalie at Norwich, my dad at UNH (University of New Hampshire), my uncle at Denver, and my cousin at Northeastern, so I always saw the pictures of them around my house and really wanted to be like them, especially my dad.
I’ve always wanted to ask this, when you get hit in the mask by a puck, whats the feeling like?
It depends on where it hits you, but it can vary from not even noticeable to making the ears hot/ring and leave the smell of burning rubber for a good five minutes. 
You competed internationally for Team USA at the 2011 Ivan Hlinka Tournament, what was that like?That was an amazing experience, it’s always an honor to put on the USA jersey. The tournament itself obviously didn’t pan out like we had hoped, but it was my first time overseas and it was a great group of guys so it was unforgettable nonetheless.
You were drafted in the 3rd Round by the Calgary Flames at the 2012 NHL Draft, where were you when you got the call, and what did you do after getting the call?
I was at the Consol Energy Center for the draft, and I went down and met everyone at their draft table before proceeding to the interviews and taking pictures. 
Your first season at Providence was a success with you winning Rookie of The Year honors, what helped you reach that status?
I had great teammates this year, they really helped me have a smooth transition and had my back from day one.
So what are you studying at the University of Providence?
Business management.
How do you balance hockey life and school life?
I developed those skills from playing in the USHL and being in high school for the previous two seasons, and those skills managed to carry over into college. The biggest skill is time management.
What has been the highest point of your career?
Winning the gold medal at this past WJC, for sure.
What has been the lowest point of your career?
Getting cut from my high school varsity team when I was a freshman. 
How did you bounce back from such a low point?
Just kept going, went to a different school the next year and the next April (sophomore year) I was committed to a DI school. 
This second part is more of a “rapid fire” round. Say what you think of first. We do this because even the non hockey lovers have something interesting and relatable they enjoy reading. Ready? 
iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone?
App on your phone you can’t live without?
NHL Gamecenter
Favourite food?
Boneless Buffalo Wings
Fancy dinner or backyard barbecue?
Backyard barbecue
Country you’d love to visit?
One thing about people that drives you insane?
Favourite NHL team?
Recently converted to a Flames fan. – haha! I just realized why!
What’s on your iPod?
Every team does pranks. Providence is no different. Best prank seen/done?
Most of the pranks happened over Christmas break when I was away for WJC, I don’t have anything to report. – That’s a bummer, looking forward to hearing some funny stories! But trading a prank for a gold medal isn’t a bad trade!
Favourite class in school?
One class you dreaded going to?
 Development of Western Civilization
Final questions:
Any advice for aspiring hockey players?
Have fun, it’s just a game.
Anyone you suggest me to interview?
Casey DeSmith
Thanks for your time,
No thank you
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