Who Wants Free Stuff?

We have a giveaway currently going on! It’s a signed _________ from a NHL/AHL/NLA/KHL/OHL/WHL/QMJHL player, he’s in one of those right now. So here’s how you can win. We’ll be doing the draw sometime this week! So keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes!

I’m going to got random.org, and choose a number from that count the number from a list with all of your names. The winner will be notified through either Facebook message or Twitter Direct Message.

Now how can you have a bigger chance to win? If you follow us on Facebook AND on Twitter @hkyblogger, you obviously get double the odds, but what else can you do? If you like/comment on this post, you get 1 more entry for like, and 1 more entry for comment! But there’s more! If you share, you get 2 more entries, and if someone follows because of the share, you get 5 more entries! Yes, FIVE more entries! Now how will I know if its’ your friend who followed? Tell them to write on our wall telling who their suggested friend is, and they’ll get one more entry!

Oh one more thing too! If you RT it on Twitter, it’s like doing a share on Facebook! TWO MORE ENTRIES! If I get a follow? FIVE MORE ENTRIES! So lets get RT’ing! Now here’s something special for our blog readers… If you comment, you get THREE more entries. So your chances of getting the giveaway could start at 1/200 chance, but it’s not too hard, RT here, share here, to get five or maybe even ten chances! Tell me that doesn’t help your chances…

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