Interview with Riley Armstrong!


We recently caught up with Riley Armstrong of the Utah Grizzlies. He was undrafted in 2004, but worked his way to a contract with the San Jose Sharks. He has played for many teams throughout his career (we’ll get to that later). Many may know him for his brother, Colby Armstrong, but Riley is an accomplished player too, spending time in the NHL as well. Just a little self promotion as well, like us on Facebook here: , and you can follow me on Twitter: @hkyblogger. You can follow Riley on Twitter: @RilesArmy

We’re not going to delay it any longer, here it is: 

We are in bold.

So how has your day been?

Hi my day has been good so far right now my team (Utah Grizzlies ) are on the road to Las Vegas to play a couple game this weekend so I have been killing time hanging out with the guys and texting my girlfriend Amber. She is probably sick of me already.

Some of our readers might not know you, so who is Riley Armstrong, and is there a cool fact that most people might not know? 

A fact people might not know about me is that I used to figure skate from the 3rd grade til the 10th grade before I starting taking hockey seriously.

What’s a day in the life of Riley Armstrong?

A day in the life of Riley. Lets see, usually get up around 8:30 and text amber to make sure she is enjoying her morning, since she has to be up at 6:30 for work. Have some breakfast, and then head over to the rink by 9:30 and start practice at 10:30. We have a sweet locker room in Utah with a sauna and hot tub, so after practice I usually hang out around the room and relax. Then the afternoon and evening is free to hang out Skype or Facetime with family and friends, cook dinner maybe have a tan or mix in a nap pretty much as people say live the life. 

How old were you when you first laced them up?

I was 2 years old. I had the double blades on and I was living in Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan at the time.

Who’s the better player honestly, you are Colby?

Well this is a tough question. I think if you were to make one player out of both of us it would be the perfect player. I would say I’m more skilled and more of a goal scorer then Colby but he sees the ice better and is really good with his stick and a better passer. We both work with each other in the summer to always improve our games but since he has played over 500 NHL games I would say he is the better player!

You’ve played for 15 teams in your career (according to Can you name them all? 

  • Yorkton Mallers (SMAAAHL)
  • Kootenay Ice (WHL)
  • Everett Silvertips (WHL)
  • Cleveland Barons (AHL)
  • Worcester Sharks (AHL)
  • San Jose Sharks (NHL)
  • Abbotsford Heat (AHL)
  • Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL)
  • Brighamton Senators (AHL)
  • Elmira Jackals (ECHL)
  • Utah Grizzlies (ECHL)
  • Hamilton Bulldogs (AHL)
  • Augsburg Panthers (DEL)
  • Saipa (Finland)
  • Barys Astana (KHL)
Where’s your favourite place to play?
I would have to say Worcester I was there for 3 years got to meet lots of great people and fans and also got to go up to San Jose .
Now being in Utah I have started to love it here winters are mild and the mountains are great to wake up to every morning.
What has been the highest point of your career?
The highest point is after a game in providence I got a call for my coach and Worcester saying I got called up to San Jose. It was a dream come true to have a chance to play in the NHL with a great team and organization .
What has been the lowest point of your career?
Lowest part would have to be after my 2nd season in the AHL. I had such a bad season that San Jose didn’t even invite me to training camp. It was a tough pill to swallow.
How did you persevere from that?
I went into that season with a fire under my ass and put up 19 goals and earned another NHL contract from San Jose.
Any advice for aspiring hockey players?
I would have to say to younger hockey players a quote that I live to this day and it’s from my dad. “Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut ” – Wayne Armstrong.
In the second part of the interview, I love to learn more about the personal life of the players, cause even non-hockey obsessed fans find this part interesting:
Food you can’t live without?
Android or iPhone?
Right Handed or Left Handed?
Left handed
If you didn’t become a hockey player, what would you be right now?
I think I would have went to school to take law either be a lawyer or agent 
Who has the worst taste in music on the team?
Chris Donovan 
Every team does pranks, what’s the best prank you’ve been part of?
Soaked a guys clothes while he was on the ice and then put it in the freezer which made a ice ball he wasn’t pleased.
Why did the Chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side hahaha
Favourite class in school?
Final questions:
Anyone you suggest me to interview?
Brad Mills
Brad Joslin
We’d like to thank Riley for his time. If you have time, check out Riley’s clothing line, Donnybrook here: , and Shades of Pale here:

One thought on “Interview with Riley Armstrong!

  1. Thank you for keeping up with Riley. He was a favorite in Everett where he spent one year as an Everett Silvertip (WHL) and was signed by he Sharks during the NHL lockout. He was part of an amazing Team when in that first year of the Silvertips existance they made it all the way to the WHL finals before being beat out by the Calgary Hitmen. Riley is still a talked about and loved player amonst Silvertip fans. Good Luck to him and to Colby.

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