Interview With Colin Wilson!

e86c54f2f36712f6c62068a8e31e9492 (1)We had the pleasure of interviewing Colin Wilson of the Nashville Predators. He was drafted 7th Overall in the 2008 NHL Draft. He has also represented Team USA multiple times, whether it be the World Under 18 (2006,2007), World Junior Championships (2008,2009) or the World Championships (2009), Colin Wilson has a plethora of international experience. Follow him on Twitter: @ColinWilson33. You can follow me on Twitter @HkyBlogger and you can also “like” us on Facebook here:

As usual, we are in bold.
What’s a day in the life of Colin Wilson?

Go to the rink from 8:30-1:00 then grab lunch with the guys and play video games or read the rest of the day.

Not everyone might not know who you are, so who are you, and maybe a cool fact about yourself?

I am just a laid back person who is generally focused on hockey. I am extremely into music and have mixed a few of my own songs.

Being drafted 7th overall, what was it like? Your feelings, what you saw, what you heard?

It was very exciting, I had been anticipating the draft since the end of the season that year. I just remember hugging my family and thinking to myself to not fall.

Who’s your favourite linemates to play with?

I enjoy playing with anyone on my current team. When I was younger I really enjoyed playing with James Van Riemsdyk.

What’s been the highest point of your career?

Highest point was reaching the NHL and becoming a regular.


Probably just when I was sent to the minors the first time, I hadn’t been cut from a team since I was 14, so it was tough to handle.

How did you persevere from this?
Just started enjoying the game more and stopped worrying about the things I can’t control

So every hockey team does pranks.
The Nashville Predators are probably no different.What’s the best prank you’ve seen/done?

I am just a huge fan of the classic leaner against the hotel room door. Seen it done various ways and it is funny every time.

Any advice from aspiring hockey players?

To always enjoy the game because it turns into a job when you don’t. If you want to be a top player do everything within your power to be the best.

Anyone you suggest for me to interview?
James Van Riemsdyk.
We’d like to thank him for his time.

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