We’re #1!!!

So the NHL season is officially at its halfway point and the Montreal canadiens are sitting on top of the eastern conference! Yes you read that correctly. If you had came up to me before the season had started and said Montreal would be leading the conference at the seasons half way point i probably would have laughed in your face. Here are 5 reasons why Montreal are currently number 1.

5. Andre Markov. Ladies and Gentlemen he is back. There were many questions about Markov before the season started but he has proved so far he is still the same old markov who is a former NHL all star and 64 pt producer.

4. The gallys. Alex Galchenyuk And Brendan Gallagher earned there  spot with the habs and for good reason. These two youngsters have proven there ready for the big leagues and we can only imagine what they will bring to the canadiens for many years to come.

3. Carey Price. Time and time again Carey has been himself this season…amazing. There is usually one thing that seperates good teams from great teams and that is great goaltending and carey has yet to dissapoint this season. He is the backbone of this team.

2. In prust we trust. Brandon Prust is provong that montreal needed to add a little toughness to be more competitive. The current PIM leader is quickly becoming a fan favorite for his hard nose style play, he has even seen some mins on the PP and on the top line.

1. New management. There has been nothing that has changed the habs this quite like new GM Marc Bergevin or the second coming of a matured Michel Therrien. They have quickly made everyone forgot about last years train wreck and have brough a winning attitude back to the canadiens.

Id love to hear your thoughts on my list, let me know if you agree or disagree. you can tweet me @Synyster_sparx and as always like our facebook page :http://www.facebook.com/NotYourAverageHockeyBlog

Only time will tell if Montreal can keep up and clinch a playoff spot, there is still some hockey to be played, until next time take care and hope I you enjoy reading my hockey blog 😀

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