Interview with NHLWiki!


We’re honored to present you an interview we did with @NHLWiki. Like everyone else, we have no clue what his real identity is, but we know him as the guy who knows everything that’s happening in the NHL. He’s a great follow on Twitter @NHLWiki. Now in a shameless plug, you know who else is a good follow in Twitter? Us. Yeaup. We’re a great follow. Follow us @HkyBlogger, or like us on Facebook: . On a side note, he’s actually the nicest guy I’ve met. Seems like the type of guy you’d just want to just sit down and have a beer with. Well I don’t know him so I can’t, but he just seems really awesome.

Without further to do, if you’re a longtime reader, you know the drill, we’re in bold.

So nobody knows your name. Can we at least get your first name and maybe a cool fact about you?
I’d rather not say, I enjoy my privacy and am not looking for any type of recognition. As far as a cool fact about me, well, I probably know more about movies, past, present & future than I do about hockey. Don’t know if that’s considered cool though, haha. 
Have you ever played hockey before?
Sure have, since  I’m about 7 years old. Have less time for it now due to my career, but every chance I get, I’m out there. I love and respect the dedication the game can bring with so much passion. 
So you run the handle @NHLwiki, how did you get started?
I truly only gave myself the time to discover what twitter was about 2 years ago. I wanted it to be useful as I saw how reaching it could be, so the decision came down to start a handle on either film or hockey. Since the film industry information I have access to, is much closer to me and much more sensitive, I decided hockey which has always been a passion of mine, was a good way forward.
How do you keep up with all of the moves in the NHL?
I’m lucky enough to be close to daily NHL information almost in real time. Not always privy to the more closely guarded private information on a team by team basis, but always get information quite quickly and share it as I can, sometimes way before the mainstream media does. It permits this twitter account to be effective. Although I have a tremendous amount of respect for NHL media, beat reporters and the daily job they do. Due to their internal protocols, a lot have agendas, of which I don’t.
Is this your full time job or is this more of a hobby?
It’s purely a hobby. One of which I’m struggling with at the moment due to career projects, but I will continue to entertain it as long as I possibly can.
Do you have a favourite NHL team?
Yes I do, but i’d rather not divulge it out of respect for the numerous different team fans that follow this account. I try and play it neutral and fairbut i will tell you they are East coast based. 😉
Favourite player?
I actually don’t have one. Never really have. I have always been a team concept guy. You can be the least talented bunch, but if you learn to look out for one another, be positive and play as a team? You can accomplish great things.
Is it not boring/tiring to be on top of everything at all times?
I have to admit, that sometimes it is. I have become more filtered in the news I deliver on Twitter. Sticking to the most important, controversial, truthful hockey news out there. I don’t like to protect the NHL’s image when they purposely have strategy and timely schematics written all over some of their public moves. I protect the game of hockey, because that’s what will always live on.
How do you keep motivated all the time?
When you have a passion for something, it isn’t hard to keep yourself motivated. Although, I have to admit, the NHL lockout truly pissed me off, since I knew it was coming, knew the outcome (of an actual shortened NHL season, had written it on twitter) but did not like the way the league and the Fehr brothers played it. They both knew where they were heading with it and played the fans for fools. Hard to forgive them for that.
Now just a random question to end this interview on a lighter note.
Are you a dog person, or a cat person, or neither and why?
Nice one. Actually both. We have a dog and a cat, both can be wonderful friends and companions to those in the household, especially if treated with lots of love and respect for the living, feeling, earth creatures they are. i say it that way because i’ve seen to may people take their animals for granted or simply mistreat them.
But OK, enough with the sappy stuff, haha, so, heading to the half-mile point, how’s that playoff race shaping up? your team have what it takes to go all the way this year? are they playing like one? answer that question and you’ll have your answer. 😉
Thanks for your time, and it was a pleasure to be a part of your blog .
Thank you for your time.

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